The Plant Song


Another one of our special projects over the past 2 months has been writing songs to familiar tunes. We were inspired by Mrs. McKenzie’s B4 Class when they posted songs to help them with their Daily 5 program. Check for Understanding, The Cross-Checking Song, and Back Up and Re-Read It. Click on each title to hear their songs.

Our goal is to put lessons we are learning in class to music. Many of us found out that music can help us remember important words or ideas. The second grade Techie Kids learned about the parts of plants and how they grow. We wrote the words that were most important and set them to music. We hope you enjoy listening and learning with us!


Here are the lyrics we sang:



Have you ever written a song?

Can you share a song with us that has helped you remember something you learned in school?

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5 thoughts on “The Plant Song

  1. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I have actually written a song! I am a singer/songwriter so i have experienced some difficulty with lyrics. I enjoy singing but I am getting my tonscils out during the summer so I will have to rest my voice! I think an educational song would be The Rain In Spain. I am not looking forward to resting my voice because if I do not get my daily dose of singing, Lord I don’t know what I’d do.

    Have a great day

    truly and forever a Techie Kid,

  2. Dear, 2 graders and Mrs. Moore

    I liked the song, it was really fantastic. The only thing is that i didnt learn anything new. It looked like it took you a while to make the song. Did you guys have fun making the song?

    a Techie Kid, Ryan

  3. Dear Techie Kids,

    I was one of the kids in the plant song. I think that the plant song helps kids learn about plants. I hope you have leared a lot about plants after this song. I hope you guys learn about plants in your classes.plants are a living part of the world. Plants help us breathes. I love plants.Actully I have a hole garden of them.

    Your friend,

  4. Dear Techie Kids
    It sure is fun matching up words to music and making them fit.
    I think your songs will really help you to remember all about plants!
    Thank you for linking to our post about our daily 5 songs.
    I think you were very clever because you made up your own words for the music. We used words that had been written by someone else!

    warm wishes
    Mrs MKenzie from B4

    • Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

      Thanks for inspiring us! We really enjoyed listening to the students in B4 sing. 🙂 It helped us think about how music can help us with things we are learning. We are also working on a video about the different reading genres. We will let you know as soon as we finish it. What are some of your favorite genres?

      Your fans in Michigan,
      Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids