Luna Interactive Projection Camera

Our classes have been loving a new piece of technology in our lab.

Learning Resources has given us a Luna Interactive Projection Camera and we have found so many ways to put it to good use! Take a look…


We’ve used our Luna for choral reading,

Peeks in our World Atlas,

Reading a single copy of a postcard,

Keyboarding instruction,

Up close looks at our cords,

And our digital cameras. 

It was so nice to share something small with the whole group at the same time. Instead of repeating the information 30 times with each student standing next to the camera, we can share close up directions of each camera’s features all at once.

This device can also record video. Here’s a short recording made special for our Kindergarten Techie Kids.

Control, Alt, Delete from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


We are so thankful!

Learning Resources is allowing us to give away one of these cameras. Leave a comment on this post if you’d like a chance to win your own Luna Interactive Document Camera. Please leave an email that you’d like me to contact you at.
***Winner will be announced Monday, May 14, 2012.***!/learninghandson


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18 thoughts on “Luna Interactive Projection Camera

  1. What a fabulous piece of kit – you Techie Kids are so lucky to have a Techie Teacher to search out and acquire these things for you! What a very quick and clever way to share work with the whole class. I wonder how many schools have something like this? What a great way to share things that can’t be easily passed around the class because they are fragile, or there is not enough time, and to save time on scanning something into the computer! I shall look forward to seeing the inventive uses you find for it!
    Mrs M
    A Room with a View, England

    • Dear Mrs. Monaghan,

      Hello, my friend. 🙂 We are definitely enjoying this new technology. It has been very helpful in class.

      Is there any chance you’d like to set up a Skype with us soon?

      Fingers crossed,
      Mrs. Moore

  2. I teach in a building where classroom technology is at a minimum. I have three student computers which are so old and take so long to load anything that they rarely get dusted off. Next to those computers, my overhead projector is probably the most advanced piece of equipment in my classroom.
    It would be amazing to have a Luna Interactive Document Camera to use as a teaching tool and expose my students to beneficial technology.
    What a great product and giveaway!

  3. Awesome opportunity – it is great when teachers can have a chance at letting students in their class use technology hands on!

  4. What a great tool to be able to use in the classroom! Having a Luna Interactive Document Camera in my classroom would open so many possibilities to extend activities and involve the children with greater technology. What a fantastic piece of equipment!

  5. Oh, to be free from my overhead projector! Not only would I not need to make overheads of instructions, but I would be able to have students present work (like math strategies or writing samples) as soon as they are finished. I could share text from books and show samples in science without having to walk from table to table with kids fighting to get a look at what’s going on. Please, I would love a document camera!

  6. I’m taking a leave of absence this coming year to become my district’s Instructional Technology Trainer. This would be a FANTASTIC addition to my ‘tool bag’. Our district is just on the verge of breaking out and embracing technology as a way to improve instruction. I’d love to show my peers what you’ve done and what they can do with the addition of the Luna camera. Thanks (and have a GREAT summer…we’re almost there aren’t we?)

    • @Kevin,

      Thanks for your interest! It really has been a fantastic tool to use. Your new job sounds exciting! Best of luck to you. Where do you teach?

      • I’m in south central Idaho. More cattle than people in the town I teach…Declo. Great school and staff and I hate to leave but I look forward to my new assignment starting in July. Couple more weeks and summer training/staff development.

  7. What an amazing tool! I would love to utilize this document camera in my classroom! 🙂

  8. Wow! You can use the camera for so many things. I think this is an amazing tool to add to the classroom.

  9. Hello! I would absolutely love this document camera for my third grade classroom. The possibilities seem endless! Thank you for sharing.

  10. What a fantastic tool for the classroom! The Techie Kids have been very busy learning. 🙂 The Luna Interactive Document Camera would be a great asset in the art room for demonstrations. All of the students would see art techniques up close if the demonstrations were enlarged and projected onto a whiteboard. Also, it would be great to use when looking at and discussing artwork during our art history lessons. Thank you Mrs. Moore and Learning Resources for providing this opportunity!

  11. This looks like a great piece of technology that could be utilized in the classroom. While our classroom overhead projectors are useful, this device would allow a variety of items to be projected for students to see. The Luna Interactive Projection Camera would be a great addition to any classroom.

  12. This would be a very useful tool for classrooms. It’s a innovative way to teach students. We need more technology like this in our classrooms!

  13. A document camera would be a dream come true for my classroom! It would definitely keep my students more engaged than my whiteboard and overhead projector!