Easi-Speak Microphone

We’ve been using our awesome Easi-Speak Microphone in our classrooms.


It has been so much fun! Listen in on some of our students as they practiced their reading fluency, spelling words, and math facts.

Click on each of the links to listen.


Aimee Skip Counting by 2’s

Skip Counting by 2’s

Halie Spelling

Spelling Practice “Flower”

Lilyana Spelling

Spelling Practice “Trousers”

Cierra & Maria Spelling

Spelling Practice- “Window” & “Garden”

Connor, Evan, Kaylah, and Lauren Reading

I Like


Their favorite part was being able to listen to it right away from the built in speakers. We also imported these recordings using the built-in USB, into Audacity to practice editing the audio files and using them in other applications like Photo Story 3 and Windows Movie Maker.

We are so thankful that Learning Resources has given us this helpful technology! It’s been easy to put it to good use in our regular classroom settings, even for our not-so-tech-savvy teachers. 🙂 It’s a valuable addition to our daily activities.

We are so thankful!

Learning Resources is allowing us to give away one of these microphones. Leave a comment on this post if you’d like a chance to win your own Easi-Speak Microphone. Please leave an email that you’d like me to contact you at.
***Winner will be announced Tuesday, June 12, 2012.***

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11 thoughts on “Easi-Speak Microphone

  1. The Easi-SpeakUSB Recorder is a really unique tool to have in the classroom. Many times students get excited and encouraged to read because they get to use a microphone or items teachers make as a “special microphone”.

    It is also a great way to hear students who like to read but are very quiet.

    This would be a great resource to have in the primary grades!

  2. I would love the Easi Speak Microphone for my elementary school and classroom. These would be great tools to use during our literacy centers and circles. I would like to record groups performing a readers theater or any story! Thanks for this fabulous opportunity!


  3. This item would be a great piece of technology that could be utilized in the classroom. It is always great to have the opportunity to add to our students’ learning experiences.

  4. I could use the microphone for the students to read aloud and record for fluency practice. They could listen to their voice when they’re done.


  5. Wow! What a great tool! I think this would be helpful with teachers using their new DRA2 kits! It could be a great instructional tool for teachers and would allow students to hear themselves. I would like to see this in my school.

  6. I think this device would be a great additional to my classroom. I love updating my room with the latest in technology for my students.


  7. I love the idea of recording small group reading. Reader’s Theater will take on a new dimension when the students can actually hear themselves back on the recording. I still remember the first time I heard my voice on tape…weird (I sounded weird, that is). Heehee.