If You Give A Monkey A Pineapple…

If you give the Techie Kids inspiration, chances are they’ll create something amazing! That’s just what we’ve been doing. Inspired by Laura Numeroff’s If You Give A Mouse A Cookie series, we decided to create our own version.

This story is a collaboration between our Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third grade classes.

Here is our First Edition Publication of, 



Have you ever written a book before?

If you were to create another book in this series, what would it be called?

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2 thoughts on “If You Give A Monkey A Pineapple…

  1. I love your funny story, and the way one thing leads to another… and all because of a pineapple! I’d like to know what you used to draw your pictures, and record your sound. Have you printed your book too or is it just an e-book?
    We wrote a book in Class 2 called ‘I is for India’ this term, it was a non-fiction book with illustrations, and we sent a copy to our friends in the school in Mettupalayam, Tamil Nadu.
    If I were to write a new book for your series, it would be called, ‘If you Give a Llama a Lolly…’
    I think you might call lollies something else… do you know what? We are making lollies this week for our Jubilee Celebrations!

  2. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I can’t belive school is almost over, I’ll miss you a lot at summer break. You’ve taught me so much. I hope you will be my computer-lab teacher next year. Wonder what you’ll teach me next year, that is if your my teacher!