Skyping Mrs. Kistler & the 49’ers

Hooray! Hooray! It’s Skyping Day!

Today our first group of Techie Kids had their first chance to Skype while they were at school. We were able to meet Mrs. Kistler and the 49er’s. We were so excited!

This year, 3rd graders learn about our great state of Michigan. We have worked hard to find out about Michigan’s natural resources, symbols, and landmarks. Today we were able to learn about Texas from kids who actually live there!


This is a Google Earth screen shot of the 49er’s state taken by Ben.

Madisyn used Google Maps to calculate the distance between our schools. We found out that we are 1,469 miles away, which was about a 22 hour drive. We thought we’d need to pack some snacks, like pretzels, for that drive!

Here is some of what we learned:

One of Texas’ natural resources is oil.
They use salsa as frequently as others use ketchup.
The bluebonnet flower is a symbol of Texas and you better not be caught picking one on someone else’s land!
Summers in Texas are very hot.
Dr. Pepper was created in Waco, Texas.
The Alamo, Sea World, and the River Walk are some of their landmarks.
One of their state symbols is a Cowboy!
Ants in Texas bite!
You better double and triple check your backpack before you go anywhere…you just might find a stowaway scorpion!


Check out our backchannel!

Today's Meet with the 49'ers by


Our student photographers and videographers did an excellent job capturing the excitement!

Thanks for a great learning call, 49’ers!

What will you remember most about our Skype call?

What new facts did you find out?

Do you have any other questions you’d like to ask?

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18 thoughts on “Skyping Mrs. Kistler & the 49’ers

  1. Dear Mrs. Kistlers class the 49ers,

    I will remember most the important facts.
    That Texas symbols are a cowboy.


  2. Dear Mr. Gennrich,

    I really liked the skype call. It was all the way in Texas! How about you? I never knew that the Texas symbol was a cowboy. That’s what I’ll say for now. I’ll tell you more later.

    Kayla 🙂
    Techie Kids

  3. Dear Lucas,

    I mostly remember about the scorpians they talked about the
    skype call with the 49’s from Texas!
    Is’nt it cool how it gets up to 100 fahrenheit in the summer?!
    Your Freind,

  4. Dear Mrs. Kistler ‘s class,

    I wanted to ask you how can ants be so harmful? I have been bitten by a fire ant before but it did not hurt that bad.

    Truly yours,
    Techie kids

  5. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I bet that was very fun to skype a class in Texas! I was wondering will the 6th grade class ever be able to do that?

    Techie Kids 6th Grade

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  7. Dear Techie Kids,

    My Favorite genre is Non Fiction. One way we celebrate reading is by having 100 Book Challenge, 100 Book Challenge is when we have to read for 15 minutes to sign in a step like for example if i read for 15 minutes i put in 1 step and a family memmber or teacher will have to sign there signature since we read for 15 minutes. If you want to be a professinal at wrinting then you should go to youtube and type in How to be a Gold Reader. You will find a video where a teacher tells you how to be a Fantastic reader instead of being a Bad Reader.

  8. Hello this is Wattana & Damien and we are asking your school to please help us we are comparing other school canteen with ours and we want you to send us your canteen menu or send us a link. Our Student Councillors are changing our canteen menu.
    Damien and Wattana Room 5 Melville Intermediate School Hamilton

    • Dear Wattana & Damien,

      I am not aware of what a canteen is, could you please tell me? In the my school we are told a month ahead of what is going to be served for the main course. We have pizza on Wednesdays, and any other day we have things like mac and cheese, salsbury steak, bosco sticks, chicken, tacos, and much more. What kinds of food do you eat?

      From your friend from Michigan,
      Techie Kids

    • Dear Wattana and Damien

      My name is brain, and our canteen is: Pizza every Wednesday assorited foods other days like bosco sticks, salds, “chickan” hamburgers hotdogs ect.

      Sincerly, Brian

    • Dear Wattana and Damien,

      Hi I saw that your menu is getting changed. You are so lucky. Our lunches are pretty bad, in my opinion. They’re not terrible, but they’re not the best. We eat pizza every Wednesday. We eat a lot of chicken for lunch. It’s pretty good too. We will send you a lunch menu next week sometime.

      Alex your friend from Michigan.

    • Dear Wattana & Damien,

      Hi, my name is Skylar. When my class read your post, we where confused by your use of the word canteen. We know of a canteen as a water bottle. My class infered that your meaning of canteen may be a lunch. Is that right? Anyway, in my school we have pizza every Wednesday. We get to buy different drinks like gatorade, lemonade, or just water. We also can buy chips, cookies, cereal, or crackers. I was wondering what different things you can buy besides the lunch?

      Your Friend,
      Techie Kids

  9. Dear Wattana & Damien,

    I found in your post that you said canteen. Where we live a canteen is referred to as a container that you fill with water when your traveling distances, such as when you take a hike or something. Is a canteen where you live referred to as a lunch menu? That’s interesting that you two call it a canteen and it’s cool that the word means different things! If you don’t mind me asking, why are you comparing canteen’s with your school and others? Are you just ready for a change? I would like to hear back from you it sounds interesting!

    From your friend in Michigan,
    Techie Kids

  10. Dear Wattana and Damien,

    Where we live, a canteen is a container that you fill with water when hiking a long distance, but when we read your post it didn’t make sense with what you were saying. We looked up what canteen is in New Zealand and it said that it is a portable snack bar. Is this right? If so, please reply back.

    From your friend in Michigan,
    Techie Kids

  11. Dear Wattana & Damien,

    My name is Nolan. I live in Michigan, USA and am in 8th grade. The article on your page about lunch food was very interesting to me. I am not a huge fan of our lunch food. My favorite lunch at school is pizza. That is about the only lunch that I like. We have meals like mexican nachos, chicken wings, and chicken soup. I do not have our full menu but i can get back with you another time with a link to it. I am interested about the meals they serve at your school and if you have any questions, just ask!

    your friend,

    Techie Kids

  12. Dear Wattana & Damien,

    I read in your post your student council is changing your menu, I think it is a good idea to make a switch up every once in a while in your food. Here in Michigan, a lot of public schools have a very simular lunch menu, we do not. It’s different at private schools. Here our lunch’ s consist of pizza every wednesday and any other day we have anything from popcorn chicken to hamburgers. Our lunch’s are not amazing but when we’re really hungry we will eat anything. I would really like to know what you all eat over there.

    Sydney from Michigan.

  13. Dear Wattana and Damien,

    Hello! My name is Nelly, I am from Michigan. I looked up what a “canteen” is, is it your lunch? In Michigan, we get pizza every Wednesday, sometimes we get some food I don’t like. My favorite food is when we have grilled cheese with soup! I was wondering what you guys get to drink, and what kind of goddies can you buy there?

    Your friend,
    Techie kids!

  14. Dear Wattana & Damien,

    My name is Nathan and I am in 8th grade. I am not familiar with the term canteen. Do you mean your lunch menu? We are served a variety of foods, such as bosco sticks, pizza, salad, and many other foods. Please let us know what you have for lunch.

    Your friend,
    Techie Kids