Notable Michiganders

As part of our Michigan studies in 3rd grade, we have practiced our research skills to find some well-known people from Michigan. When the Techie Kids took a look at some of the biographies, they chose a person that caught their attention. Each child created a “cereal box” design featuring their famous person. They also shared something about them that they learned or felt was important. 

We are pretty sure that you’ve probably heard a few of their names before. Take a look…

If you would like to find some famous people from your area, click on the picture below to check out our Research page. Here, you’ll find 7 of our favorite search engines.

Can you tell us about a famous or notable person from your area?


What search engine do you recommend?



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18 thoughts on “Notable Michiganders

  1. Dear Thechie kids,

    A famous person that lived and worked in Detroit was Henry Ford . Henry made a easy way to make cars . [He cald it the asembleyline]The reason he made the asembleyline is he needed to make more cars and money.


    • Dear Ben,

      You are right about Henry Ford. Did you ever visit the Henry Ford musem? It’s really cool. It even has the exact bus that Rosa got arrested in! The musem also has models of Henry’s cars, one aisle even has old fashioned campers! I heard that they opened a new exibit called the Titanic. My brother went on a feild trip to the plastered ship, I didn’t.

      Your Friend,

      • Dear Sarah,

        Your right 🙂 the Henry Ford Museum is a cool place!!!
        My favrite part is the asemble line, were you make a fake wooden car. Then you have to take it apart. :(.

        Ben 🙂

  2. Great job, students. What a great state we live in with such rich history of amazing individuals. I wonder which one of you will be a “famous” Michigander some day. Keep it up!

    • Dear Mr. Jonathan,

      Thank you for leaving us a comment. I would like to be a famous baseball player. I love baseball and my favorite player is Verlander. Do you like baseball, who is your favorite player?

      Your freind,
      Techie Kids

    • Dear Jonathan,
      Yeah we do live in a great state. About a mounth ago I did a report on Rosa Parks. She is a really famous person.

      Thanks for visiting!


  3. Hi Techie kids,

    We really like the famous people on the cereal box. They look magnificent. We are from Australia and Africa. Do you Know any famous Australians or Africans?

    From Luke and Michard

    • Dear Luke and Michard,

      Thank you so much for visiting Techie kids!

      I think I might know a famous person from Australia. She is a Disney character named Maia Mitchell. She is new at Disney and she is a friend of Debby Ryan on the TV show called Jessie. She is also friends with Austin Moon. She is going to be in his beach video. She is very beautiful.

      Have you heard of her? Do you really think she is from Australia?

      Techie Kids

    • Dear Luke and Michard,

      I do not know any famous Africans but I love the fact you love our famous people. Can you tell me some famous people from your country?

      I know a lot of our famous people like Rosa Parks and Henry Ford. Also other famous people like Ross and others. Those are some of our famous people that we have here in Michigan.

      From your friend,
      Techie Kids

  4. Really enjoyed the slide show, what a great idea. A famous person who spent a lot of time in my area during the revolutionary war was George Washington. There are signs everywhere it’s pretty neat! I thought your cereal boxes were very creative! Keep up the great work,
    Jasper Fox Sr.
    8th Grade Earth Sciences Teacher
    New York State

    • Dear Jasper Sr.,

      Yeah, isn’t it good? My class is going to learn about George Washington. He was the first president and fought in the Revolutionary War. Thanks for visiting.

      Techie Kids

    • Dear jasper sr.

      I liked your post about george washington. It is pretty neat. I dont know much about the presidents because none of them are from michigan.Thanks for sharing the post

      your freind brooke
      techie kids

  5. Dear Techie Kids,

    Did you know there is another famous person in Michigan named Thomas Edison. He made the light bulb MUCH better than the other guy. Also with his light bulb he helped Henry Ford make the headlights on his first car. Thomas also made the first camera and video camera. Isn’t that amazing? Now you guys know a little about a famous person here in Michigan.

    From Your Friend,

  6. Dear Techie Kids,

    That sounds really fun and I hope you enjoyed it! if I got to do that ,the person i would choose would be Neil Armstrong because he wasthe first man to step foot on the moon. To me thats a big deal. One question did you enjoy doing this project with mrs . moore?

    sincerly ,
    Techie Kids

  7. Hi Techie Kids,
    Thank you to all of you who’ve been checking out A Room with a View and leaving us comments!
    A VERY famous person from our TINY town of Middleham is KING Richard III. This is a bit of a cheat because he wasn’t actually FROM Middleham, but he lived in the castle in our town and he claimed it was his favourite castle (he had quite a few!) In the castle there is a statue of King Richard III. That is quite an important link for such a small place, so Middleham people are rightly very proud of their castle and their king!
    Thank you for sharing your famous Michiganders… I learned a lot!
    We usually use Google as our search engine.
    Mrs Monaghan & A Room with a View

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    • Hi Julia!

      Thanks for letting us know about your project. Books to Africa is an excellent idea! You are doing such a fantastic job. It is wonderful that you care about other students and working to make a difference in the world.

      We want to support you so we’ve made a post about it
      We have been voting for you and will keep voting through May 31st.

      Your friends in Michigan,
      Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids