Ballet: A Student Post by Emily & Claire for Mr. Mannell

This is a student post by Emily and Claire for Mr. Mannell (and a short video for all of our readers!)

You can visit Mr. Mannell’s site, Extended Comments for Students, by clicking here. 🙂


We are so thankful for the video you sent us! The student performers did a great job! We can tell they had practiced.
The costumes were magnificent. We loved the way they portrayed their characters. We noticed their feet were pointed and this showed their marvelous technique. We liked how they expressed their character. This interpretation seemed less traditional and formal than other ballets we’ve seen. It made the story more unique and interesting. We also have to applaud the choreographer for being able to pull it all together in a beautiful production.


As part of our thank you, we would like to share a little bit of ballet foundation with our readers. Please enjoy our short video of ballet’s basic feet technique.


What did you think of how we explained the basic feet positions?

Could you share a story about dancing with us?

Do you have any questions about ballet?

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4 thoughts on “Ballet: A Student Post by Emily & Claire for Mr. Mannell

  1. Dear Emily and Claire,

    Dancing takes a lot of heart, you girls are doing great! Keep up the good work!! I really like the way you point your toes. I am not a dancer, but I do know your toes should stay pointed! God bless you in all your work!

    Techie Kids

  2. Hello Emily and Claire,

    I am glad you enjoyed the performance I sent. When filming the 15 school show, dancing is a favourite of mine. We often have different genres in the show but I particularly like one small school’s ballet.

    I agree they aren’t traditional in their performance. Because it involves most children in the small school, only a few are learning ballet. It’s the school’s principal who choreographs their dance. I think that’s what makes it more charming. 🙂

    Your Vimeo showing basic feet positions is very informative. I was aware of the feet positioning because I had a niece keen on ballet but I didn’t know what order they took. My niece qualified as a ballet instructor but is now studying costume design at Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and hopes to work for opera, theatre or ballet.

    I must admit dancing, as much as I enjoy watching, it is not something of which I have any skills. At 185cm (about 6ft 1in) and with a stocky build I would look quite a sight trying ballet. 🙂

    I can share two stories. When I was about three, my mother saw me watching ballerinas on television. I was trying to copy them. Wouldn’t a video of that do well on Funniest Home Video? 🙂

    It seems a pity social pressures often prevents boys from pursuing ballet as a career. Perhaps you have seen the movie, “Billy Elliot”? If not, it was about a boy from a family keen on boxing yet he wanted to dance.

    One of my students a number of years back was a real Billy Elliot. He loved to dance and was taking lessons. His father was a former professional boxer so the boy also knew how to box. In his case, his father supported him dancing. Other boys knew better than to tease him. He could dance and he could box. 🙂

    No, not at this time, but I must say whether or not you take ballet up professionally, its skills and the memories you make will stay with you throughout life. Perhaps one day I will hear of one of you performing in a ballet troop, perhaps as prima.

    The last few weeks have been busy with filming and editing. I had been called in to film the “Candelo Village Festival” opening concert. It was a wonderful mix of original music composed mostly for the festival and sung by local choirs. Unfortunately, I can’t share any of this as yet as the organisers are still seeking all necessary approvals. What a show. 🙂

    I also set myself a task of filming ANZAC Day ceremonies in three towns on ANZAC Day (April 25). It is a traditional time for Australians and New Zealanders to remember those who fought in wars. This I can share if you are interested. A post was written for local schools to see…

    Today I am delivering DVDs to the schools involved. In May, I will be filming a music camp performance of the 15 schools and in July I will again film their big festival. I wonder what might be seen this time? ☺

    Keep blogging.
    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • Dear Mr. Mannell,

      Thank you for commenting on our video! I was really nervous when I was speaking, but I managed to hide it. I think that Claire showed the positions almost flawlessly.

      I have never heard of the movie “Billy Elliot”, but i plan on checking it out.

      Thanks again! 🙂

      Techie Kids

  3. Dear Claire and Emily,
    I never knew the positions of dance before. It was cool to learn something new today! I know that dancing must take a lot of hours to be where you are today, not to mention how flexible you must be for dance. I like that you two girls are passionate about something because a lot of people don’t have something to be passionate about, or don’t get the opportunity to. I hope you two girls go far in life, I’m sure you will!

    Taylor from Techie Kids