How-To: Tie Your Shoes

Mrs. Moore went to an awesome education conference this past weekend called, EdCamp Detroit. It was full of amazing Michigan educators who love helping students learn! We had many great conversations and shared a whole bunch of cool ideas. When I told Mr. Medvinsky we were creating How-To videos, he shared a cool app with me called, SnapGuide. Guess what? I loved it and couldn’t wait to share it in class!



We jumped right in and made our first guide. Take a look at what our 1st graders created. Each photo is captioned and there are even videos at the end.


Check out How to Tie Your Shoes by 1st Graders by Kelly Moore on Snapguide.

Have you used SnapGuide before?


How do you think you could use this tool?

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3 thoughts on “How-To: Tie Your Shoes

  1. Hi Mrs Moore!
    Ooh I love the look of snap guide, and I love the way you have used it!
    I would like to use it to make a language guide, where we could think of an action to go with a phrase in French, act it and have the words below, so you could see the words, hear how they are said and also get a clue to their meaning from the action in a little video. Lovely! I will be loading that on my i-Pad for a play around VERY soon!
    What else do you plan to use it for?
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Hello, Mrs. Monaghan!

      I felt the same way when I first saw SnapGuide! I would love to see a language guide made by your class! That would be fantastic! (I noticed that I am using a whole bunch of exclamation marks. I think I am very excited! 😉 ) The students in one of my buildings learn Italian. Maybe they could see your language guide and create an Italian version to share with you. I’ll be asking my other classes what ideas they have. Your students could share ideas with us too.

      Your techie friend,
      Mrs. Moore

  2. Hello Mrs. Moore and Techie Kids,

    Tying shoelaces can seem so easy once you know how but it’s learning at first that can be hard. Your “How To” Snapguide is a great idea as you show how in steps then share videos as the task is completed. Well done. 🙂

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia