Website Recommendation: Cool Math Games

This is a student post written by Elaina and Jenelle.


The website, Cool Math Games, has educational games. In one of the games for example, BLOXORZ, the goal is to get a rectangular shape into a hole. It gets very difficult at times, but it teaches you problem solving skills. I would definitely recommend this for everyone.



Another game is Math Man. You are playing Pac Man, and you have to eat a question mark. The question mark then gives you a math problem to solve. You have to eat the ghost that has the right answer. This game helps you to improve your math skills. I would also recommend this game.


Have you played BLOXORZ or Math Man before? What did you think?

What are some of your favorite Math games?

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2 thoughts on “Website Recommendation: Cool Math Games

  1. Dear Elania,

    I Love Coolmath! It’s an amazing site. When I was younger I played Coolmath in my free time at school. A couple years ago that site was empty but, there were awesome games like Balloons and Castle Defense that are still my favorite games today. What’s your favorite game on Coolmath? My favorite game is Castle Defense.

    Dominic Techie Kids

  2. Dear Elaina,

    Those look like some very fun games. I will try them out later. My favorite math games are also on that website “Cool Math Games” My favorite games are strategy games. I like how they are challenging but fun.

    From Jack
    Techie Kids