How To Reduce Before Multiplying Fractions

This is a student post by Jenelle and Elaina.

We learned about the new app, Educreations. It lets you make a screencast while you draw on the screen. We want to show you how to reduce fractions before multiplying. We think this is a good strategy to use.

We hope you enjoy learning how to reduce before you multiply fractions!


Have you used Educreations or made a screencast before?

What would you make a screencast about?

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One thought on “How To Reduce Before Multiplying Fractions

  1. Dear Jenelle and Elaina,

    Thank you for showing me how to reduce before mulitplying fractions. I knew how to reduce before mulitplying fractions but this video helped a lot. Could you do a video on how to divide fractions because I am a little confused.

    Ally 6th grade
    Techie Kids

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