International Show and Tell

Well, that was fun.

Today, we were able to meet Mrs. Monaghan’s class in England through Skype. During our blogging conversations, we discovered words we didn’t know and items we hadn’t heard before. We found out that we sometimes call the same things by different names. So, we decided to play a game of International Show and Tell.



Middleham started us off, “We think you might not know what a Fat Rascal is.” And, we didn’t. When they showed us what it looked like, we yelled, “It’s a cookie!” They told us it was actually a scone. None of the children in our class eat scones, but adults sometimes have it with coffee.

They continued to challenge us with
Flat Cap
Double Decker
& Freddo

We knew 3 of their terms.

The Techie Kids tried a few of our own terms too. We asked if they knew

They knew or were able to figure out most of these terms. We loved hearing what they called some of the items. We found out that the drink we call pop, they call “fizzy drinks.” They call Band-Aids, “plasters” and barettes, “hair-slides.”


Here’s an Animoto of the excitement.


Only 1 student in Mrs. Monaghan’s class had heard of a S’More before. They told us that they would be going camping soon. We thought it was important that they knew how to make these delicious snacks before they left!

Here’s our Snapguide teaching you how to make a S’More.

Check out How to Make a S'More by Kelly Moore on Snapguide.


There were many more items we wanted to share, but didn’t have time.
Here is a SlideShare game we made for you. See if you can figure it out before clicking to the next slide.

Thanks for a super fun game!

Which items did you know by name?

Which items were new to you?

Did you have any other items you wanted to ask us?


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16 thoughts on “International Show and Tell

  1. Hello Mrs Moore and Techie Kids,

    What a wonderful idea! I really enjoyed reading this post and finding out all about your Skype call with Mrs Monaghan. It is funny how sometimes we use different words for the same thing and how some things are unique to a country.

    I used to use the term plaster for band aids when I lived in Hong Kong but when I moved to Australia no one knew what I was talking about. They thought I meant a great big plaster cast when all I really wanted was a band aid! I had never heard the term barrette before reading your post.

    I’ve got a few Australian words to share with you. I wonder if your have heard of them before?
    1. Tim Tam
    2. Possum
    3. Bathers
    4. Bobby Pin
    5. Beanie

    If you ever want to do another international show and tell please let me know! I’m sure we can work something out with the time zones.

    See ya!
    Miss Crowther 🙂

    • Dear Mrs Crowther,

      You asked a few questions and I would love to answer them so here we go. Is a possum an animal because that’s what we call it in Michigan? A bobby pin is a clip in your hair. I use them a lot.

      I don’t know what a tim tam, Beanie, or a Bathers are can you plese tell me?

      From Alyssa ,

      At Techie Kids

      • Hi Alyssa,

        Yes, a possum is a little animal! Well done! I use bobby pins in my hair too. When I am growing out my fringe they are really helpful. Do you know what I mean when I say fringe? I think you call it something else? Bangs???

        A Tim Tam is a type of chocolate biscuit. They are delicious! You wear a beanie on your head in cold weather. It is a woolly or fleecy hat. Perhaps the best way to think of it is the same shape as a balaclava but without the face bit. Bathers are the things you wear when you go swimming. What do you call them?

        It’s great learning about words other countries use. Can you think of any others to teach me?

        Bye for now,
        Miss Crowther 🙂

    • Dear Mrs Crowther,

      I have seen and heard of beanie [hats or stuffed animals], bobby pin [hair accessory], possum [animal]. But the rest I have not heard. I would love to skype with you .

      Techie Kids

      • Hi Paul,

        Well done! A beanie is a type of animal. I wasn’t thinking of the stuffed animal. We have things called Beanie Kids in Australia. Do you know what they are?

        Skyping would be great. Perhaps we can work something out before the end of the year.

        Bye for now,
        Miss Crowther 🙂

    • Hello Miss Crowther,

      Those sound like some very interesting words. I have never heard of a tim tam, but I do know what a possum is! A possum is an animal that looks like a big rat that has a long tail and a fuzzy body. I don’t have any idea what bathers are but the U.S. also uses bobby pins. They are things that you put in your hair to keep it looking the way you want to. A bobby pin has one straight leg and one crooked leg. I think a beanie is a sort of hat. I’ve heard of a beanie before but I just can’t think of what it looks like.

      From Jack
      Techie Kids

      • Hi Jack,

        Great description of a possum. Well done! Do you know that we have two types in Australia? There are brush tail and ring tail possums.

        A tim tam is a type of chocolate biscuit. They are one of my favourites. Hard chocolate biscuit on the outside and soft chocolate on the inside.

        You have described bobby pins perfectly and a beanie is a type of hat. It’s usually woollen or felt and is a bit like a balaclava but without the part that covers the face.

        Bathers are worn when you go swimming. What do you call them? Some people call them swimsuits, do you?

        Take care,
        Miss Crowther 🙂

  2. Dear Techie Kids,
    It was great fun playing our International Show and Tell game – we found it really interesting that we often had the same items but just didn’t call them by the same names!
    We are definitely going to make s’mores on our camp, however Graham Crackers don’t exist in our country! And ‘crackers’ are a very plain savoury biscuit to go with cheese, so I am wondering if they are not what we call crackers… you will have to give us a very detailed description of your Graham crackers, please!
    This is a super post – I loved playing your game on slide share, I definitely didn’t get the k-cup!!! Never heard of it! Another point to Michigan!
    We have a week’s holiday – it’s called our half-term holiday, then we are back in school till the end of July, so we will play your on-line game when we’re back! Check out our blog too where we’ll post the ones we never got round to asking you, as well!
    Your friends in Class 2, & Mrs Monaghan

    • Dear Mrs. Monaghan,

      I had so much fun with the Show and Tell! You and your class stumped us . Our class and Mrs. Moore were just talking about sending you a box of Graham Crackers . When you said Double Decker in the Skype , everyone thought of a sandwich! England won by 2 points!

      Kiera @ Techie Kids

      • Hi Keira, Seth and Sydney
        Great responses! We loved guessing your stuff. That Gatorade looked especially revolting – I really wouldn’t want to drink that! Do you like it? I bet it would do nasty things to an egg!!!
        It would be great if you did keep looking at our blog over your holidays – not so long for you guys now! We don’t finish until the end of July. Lots more to pack in before the end of term. Here is another one for you to ponder… when we were travelling last summer, we came across ‘dinklepops’ in Switzerland. We realised they were the same as ‘Sugar Puffs’ in England. Do you know what they are?
        Do you play rounders? Eat bangers? Wear waistcoats or cagoules? Language is so rich!
        Mrs Monaghan

        • Dear Mrs. Monaghan,

          This is Seth. I will be replying to you today. I am thinking Sugar Puffs are marshmellows. I dont know what Rounders, Bangers, waistcoats, or cagoules are.

          I really like Gatorade. It really gives me a jolt of energy sometimes. I think it would do something bad to a egg but it is not so bad to try.

          I always will look on your blog. It is very fun to see all the stuff you guys do.

          Seth 🙂
          Techie Kids

    • Dear Mrs. Monaghan,

      I had so much fun! I went home and told my parents about our game and all the things that we thought we never heard of, but were very familiar just referred to by different names.

      The scone looked very tasty! And it was so cool to know that you call band-aids plasters, pop fizzy drinks, and barretts hair slides!

      Were you excited to see the Gatorade? I was excited to show you!

      I will be getting out of school soon for summer vacation, but maybe I will still be able to blog you at home! Can’t wait to continue blogging and maybe next year we can do it again!

      Techie Kids 🙂

  3. Dear Mrs. Monaghan,

    Hello again. It was very fun to Skype with you. I enjoyed talking to your class. Your stuff was so hard to guess! I am very impressed that our stuff are very similer to yours but different names.

    Any other stuff you could make us think of?

    Seth 🙂
    Techie Kids

  4. Your show and tell looked great fun, but it shows how careful we have to be when we talk about everyday things to people in different countries. Now we can confuse our friends by using new words for familiar things. I had not heard of S’Mores, but would like to try one. Middleham School children have roasted marshmallows on a bonfire when they have been at Forest School. No doubt they will be having S’Mores when they go on their overnight camp.

    • Dear Mrs Fawbert,

      I hope you like the s’mores! And thank you for looking at our international show and tell. It was lots of fun and I hope you enjoyed watching the video.

      You said that the students have been to a Forest School. Is that a school that you learn about the forest and camping? It sounds like a lot of fun!

      I heard that you were retiring. I hope you like being retired. My uncle and aunt are retired, and they love it, so I’m sure you will too!

      Techie Kids

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