Vote for Books to Africa!

Our friend in Washington, Julia, left us a comment that caught our attention.


Julia is a student at Mrs. Hembree’s school. They have been working very hard on a Books to Africa Project. Check out their links HERE and HERE.

These students have been fundraising and collecting books to send to children in Africa that do not have books. We don’t always think of how incredible it is to be able to get any book we want. This is a wonderful opportunity to be grateful and help make a difference in other children’s lives.

Please join with us in supporting the Bell Bulldog Readers!
Here’s what you can do:
1. Go to

2. Click on the Books to Africa video.


3. Click on the blue button that says, “Vote for this Video!”


4. You can vote 1 time, from each device, each day until May 31st.

Every Child Deserves a Book.


Help make a difference the life of a child!


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2 thoughts on “Vote for Books to Africa!

  1. Dear Julia,

    I will support your cause as much as I can. I will pray for the great thing your trying to do. Hopefully you can recieve the money and use it to send the books to Africa. (PS, if you get the bond make sure you buy Hathcet and Old Yeller.)

    Techie Kids

  2. Dear Techie Kids,
    Thank you for all the support you gave us during this video contest. I just realized one of our students wrote to you and asked for votes. She is a terrific person and worked on our Dream Team. Her sister was part of the classes making the video.
    I don’t think we will win any money, but we have done so much more! We learned that kids can really help kids and make a wonderful difference in each other’s lives.
    Stop by and visit That’s where we post info about our project.
    Also, I want to compliment you on the awesome tutorials you have made! Wow! You learned a lot this year! Did anybody have a favorite tool or project?
    Thanks again from WA,
    Mrs. Hembree