Kindergarten Alphabet

Wowie! Our Kindergarteners have been working hard this year. They have learned so much!

They strengthened their fine motor skills while they practiced using the mouse. They learned how to double-click,Click-Click!They practiced using different menus and icons.  We made shapes in the drawing programs,Click it, Hold it, Drag it out!They learned how to make a small window bigger,maximize.” We learned how to navigate websites, choosing games, videos, and stories that interested us. Kindergarteners scrolled their Internet window down and exited programs when they were done. They practiced finding letters on the keyboard and they even learned how to unlock the login screen,Control, Alt, Delete,” then type in their username and password. 

For some summertime fun, we wanted to share our super cool version of the alphabet with you.

We hope it makes you smile, too!


Kindergarten Alphabet from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.



 Have a wonderful summer!

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