The Cure for Aging

Live Forever.

chapter 7, Jellyfish, has us thinking…

.The Fourteenth Goldfish
If someone found the the cure for aging, would we want to live forever?

CLICK HERE to read an article we shared in class from about Shin Kubota’s research in Shirahama, Japan with the regenerative “Scarlet Jellyfish.”
Here are some of our thoughts on why we would or would not want to live forever. 


If You Could Live Forever


Just for some extra fun…

Now it’s your turn to share with us. Would you want to live forever?

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25 thoughts on “The Cure for Aging

  1. I see the goods and the bad in living forever. On one hand, you will get to see all generations of your family. On the other hand,, as an old person, you would have a bunch of medical bills that you would have to pay.

  2. No I would not want to live to live forever because you would have to see every one of your friends and family pass. If everybody lived forever, I would think that the world would get to overpopulated to fast.

  3. If I could live forever, I wouldn’t because I would have to watch my friends and family pass, that is why i would not want to live forever.

    • Hello Annabelle,

      What if you could share the vaccine with your friends and family so you would not have to watch them pass?


  4. I would not want to live forever becase I want to die when i am 100 or 101 or 102 and so on to 110.

  5. I whould not want to live forever because i whould like to grow up and if my family passed away then i whould feel sad and never die. That s why i whould not live forever.

    • Dear Jayke,

      That’s cool that you would not like to live forever. I would like to live forever because you would be an age that doesn’t even exist.


  6. No, I would not like to live forever because you would not age and would only be something taking up space.

  7. if I could live forever I would take the chance because then I could make all of my friends and family live forever.Also because I would not be able to watch my family die. That is why I would want to live forever.

    • Dear Gaaron,

      Why would you want to live forever? I would like to know. And thank you for coming to our website.

      From, Alyssa

  8. I do not want to live forever beacuse i will see people that i love die and i wont have anyone that i no.

    • Hi Devin,

      Thank you for visiting our blog. I think it would be cool to live forever because I wouldn’t be in a rush for everything I would want to do. But I never thought about seeing my family die. That is a reason why I would not want to live forever.

  9. Hi, Allison I liked your thinking on what/how it would be if every body with that crazy amount of money could live forever. I think that the world would get over populated and people would have to move to the moon: that might be cool. I think the cool tech that you were talking about will be made so many times it won’t be worth anything because everybody will have it. -Sam M.
    Mrs. Belle’s class Ithaca NY

    • Hi Sam,

      Thank you for writing back. I’m glad you like my idea. How would we live on the moon, there is no oxygen in outer space? I would love to hear more about your idea. Thanks.


  10. Hi techie kid I see alot of you want to live for ever but I don’t think I would want too because I would have too keep going to funerals of my family!

    • Hi Lyndsey,

      I know it would be sad to see family die but if you could get the stuff to your family before they die they could live forever with you.


  11. I think that these are such good ideas and I would want to live forever because you never die but there are also some downs to living forever that some of you were talking about in your paragraphs . I can’t wait to read more of your writing.

    Ms. Belle’s class, Ithaca, NY

  12. Dear Readers,

    I honestly think that it depends. If I could live for an extremely long time age-less, I would like it, and being immortal might be pretty cool because then once the sun exploded I could hang in space with all the other immortal people, floating around forever, but I think I would get really depressed and lonely if it was just me at the end of the universe, though I do think it would be awesome if because I was immortal I could craft an entirely new universe. I think that living immortally would get depressing after a while, because everyone you knew would be dying around you, unless they had the immortality medicine.

    There is my opinion. Hoped you like it!


  13. Yes. I would like to stay alive for ever so I could see and do every thing in the world and not have to die

  14. Hi, Allison about living on the moon… that will probably be a consequence if somebody invented a cure for aging. Yes, it would be really close to impossible but we as people will have to move to another planet if the population keeps growing because no one will die, and we will run out of resources like food and water.

    -Sam from ithaca NY

  15. I would and would not like to live forever. I would like to live forever because the farther you go on in life the more advanced things get, Such as technology. Another reason I would like to live forever is you get to live a really long time and go through many things. I would not like to live forever because then I would get arthritis and I would get frail and old and forget a lot of stuff. another reason I would not like to live forever is because you can’t appreciate the saying “Treat everyday like it’s your last”, because you know there never will be a last day (unless the world ends, of course).

    • Thanks so much for visiting, Ian. We loved reading your thoughtful reply. We really do wonder if that possible will exist some day.

      Keep reading and dreaming,
      The Techie Kids