The Possible

This has been an awesome week of reading and making connections! Chapter 8, The Possible, made us start thinking about things people consider impossible now and wondering what it would be like if they were actually possible. We have created a VoiceThread and are hoping that you’ll join us. Please leave a comment on this post or add your voices to our VoiceThread.

Here is a planning sheet I made to guide our writing. Please feel free to use it in your classroom.

The Possible Planning Sheet


We can’t wait to see what is Possible!

The Possible

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7 thoughts on “The Possible

  1. Our class loves how you did a voice thread for the possible. We also did an activity for the possible. We started out with inventions from the past that were thought to be impossible but are possible now like the first man on the moon. We then made a list of all the things that we think will be possible in the future. We are a Grade 3 class in Saskatchewan, Canada. We hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

    • Dear Mrs. Onyskiw’s class,

      Thank you so much for visiting our blog! Wowie! We think it is very cool that a class from Saskatchewan, Canada is learning with us.

      We would love to see your list of past inventions and things you think will be possible in the future. Did you post your ideas online or was it an in class activity? If it’s online, we’d love to visit and leave comments for you.

      Your Global Read Aloud Pals,
      Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids

      • dear the techie kids,

        I used to be a student last year and I loved it and love Mrs.Moore. middle school is fun hard and easy all at the same time. the hard part is that you have 6 different classes I was not ready for that! well hope to visit soon!

        sincerely riley 🙂

  2. If I could make anything, I would probably a supercomputer that could do logic problems and not just equations. It would oversee all other computers and stop people from doing illegal stuff from their computers. I think that this would help the world by creating a safer world on the computer network and it would help logic human problems out in a fraction of a second so that people don’t have to fight about how to do something and stuff like that. It would run it’s own webpage so that anyone could have access to it so that everyone can solve all of their problems.


    • Dear Benjamin,

      I like the fact that you looked at living forever from that perspective, floating around in space, creating a new universe. But I would not want to live forever because you would see a bunch of your family and friends pass away.

      From, Dominic

    • Hi! Thank you Katie!

      Oh! I will have to check it out then. I hope my teacher will let me! Yes! Me too, I hope the inventions don’t go wrong!

      Savannah from Mrs. Moore’s class