Congrats 5th Graders

Hey, hey, it’s Abby! Congrats to the 5th Graders who are going to middle school!! My friends and I are going to Middle School South or North. Our Graduation Party was on the last day of school, June 11. We also went to the Aquatic Center on June 9. I am very proud of my friends and I! 🙂


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Video Games with Abby!!

Hey it’s Abby! Today we are talking about Video Games. Now video games are fun, cool, and awesome, but what about our health? Now in my opinion you should only play at the most three video game networks, because if you have more you will want to play it more. You sit still to play video games. If you are sitting still and not being active you can become obese! Obese is just a nicer word than fat!! Now I’m just trying to get you to relize what harm can do to you if you become a video nut! Just remeber to be healthy, active, and just have fun!! 🙂

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite video game AND your favorite outside activity.




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Hey everyone! It’s me Abby (again)! I want to ask you guys about sports! Now I play soccer and I love it! Now I know there is a lot of sports out there,but I don’t know much about them. So I thought you guys could leave a comment telling me what sport you play and what is your favorite part of it! That way I will know a little more about the game! Thank-you!!! 🙂



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Book Review With Abby and Nicole


Hey it’s Abby and Nicole! We want to tell you about a book we have read! The book is called Adopted by an Owl! It is a true story about an owl named Jackson! Jackson (as a baby) gets stolen out of his nest. A man named  Chris, with a licence, comes to take care of him! One last detail they set him free at the end but… can’t tell you the rest so check it out! 🙂


Shark Bites With Abby

Hey, Hey it’s Abby! I want to tell you all about the new movie were going to see, Oceans! Now you will see amazing images of animals and you will learn about them! This movie is a Disney movie which means it has something to do with Friends For Change!  Friends for Change is all about making a diffrence in the world! You can participate in Friends For Change by going to! Together we can make a diffrence! I can’t wait to see the movie! 🙂


Clown Fish

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Bye Mrs. Carr

Wow! I can’t believe Mrs. Carr is leaving!!!!!!!! I thought we could do something nice and wish her good-bye and wish her luck. Write here on the internet!!! So bye Mrs. Carr from Abby! I really wish you could stay and even though I missed Mrs. Gahm you were the perfect substitute art teacher! I wish you could stay! If you want to, leave her a comment saying bye! 

– P.S. thank you for helping me so much on our art projects bye.