A Book Worth Looking At!!!!!!


Hey Hey its Abby and special guest Nicole! We want to tell you about a great book called Dog Days!!!! It;s about a Wimpy kid named Greg who has a lot of challenges with a new dog and some other challenges!!!!!!!! We hope you read it or at least check it out because it is a great and funny book!!!!!!! You can find it at a local book store or maybe borrow it from a friend!!!!!!!!

Sharks Book Fair

Hey it’s Abby and Gabby!!!!! A lot of good books are here! There is  a new Magic Tree House Book its called Lepracuans in Late Winter!!  By the way there is a great book I read (Abby) its called Every Soul a Star. It’s about three kids all go to a camp and watch a solar eclipse mean while meet some new friends! I (Gabby) read a book at the book fair called Chewy and Chica , the series is Puppy Place .It is about two dogs that go to the shelter and Lizzie and Charles compete to see who finds a home for each puppy first.


Health Team

Hey Hey Hey its Abby!! I want to tell you whats going on in the Health Team. Alot of things are happening such as the posters. Have you seen the posters in the halls? Were also thinking about a garden! How cool would that be! Shhhh want to know a secret? You know the ice cream social? Its actually frozen yogurt!! I hope you enjoyed my post! Make sure you check out the posters!!!