Health Team Posters

Hey Sugarbush!! Danica Here!

Ok…. Has any of you seen the Student Health team posters around the school? Do you like them? Do they promote you to BE HEALTHY? Huh? Cool…

Here are some ways to be healthy…

  • Excersise
  • Eat healthy
  • Sleep [-)
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Have good hygiene

   Hope this post motavates you. Bye!:)


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March Is Reading Month!

Hi! Danica here!

Ok, as you all know, it is MARCH! And March means that this month is Reading Month! Here at Sugarbush, we do March is Reading Month. our goal this year is to read 7,500 books. On March 2nd, we had an assembly were one of our 1st grade teachers, Mrs. Strackbein, read ‘The Cat in the Hat” a book by Dr. Seuss. And also, our 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Kitakis, said, that is we do read 7,500 books, we will go to the movie theatre and see the movie “Oceans”. So, All of Sugarbush, if you all want to accomplish our goal, than GET TO THE BOOKS!!!!!

Go Reading!