April Fools Jokes

If a friend doesn’t know the weather say its going to snow APRIL FOOLS! Like today on the announcements i said we didn’t reach our goal APRIL FOOLS! Really our goal was 7783 books but their is many more.


By Dax

Siberian Tiger Going Extinct

Did you know the Siberian Tiger is going extinct? It is going extinct because, of human actions. The reason their going extinct is because, of  lost of habitat, and hunters!  They live in Russia and Western Cental Asia. They are one of the eight biggest tigers. If we don’t protect them NOW we are going to lose these huge cats that are important to our environment.

Siberian Tiger

By Dax and Aaron

Field Trips of the Year

Tomorrow, the 5th grade are going to have a virtual Field Trip. “On television.” On May 3rd we are going to a camp for 12 hours. That following day we are going the middle school south for a tour. Well any way in May the band students are having a bandaramma that means it is a huge concert for them. On the last full day of school we are graduating at the Aquatic Center. That is all of our Field Trips for the end of the Year.

By, Dax and Aaron