Almost at the End

It’s almost the end of the year. Remember during summer break please consider the following:


*playing a sport

*just play outside for at least an hour

You can still be on the computer, TV, or your portable game systems. Just don’t do it for too long because third graders and under, you guys have to have a program in fourth grade called Healthy Kids Healthy Hearts. They show you how to stay healthy. They even give you an assignment to do. At the end there’s a jeopardy game the team that wins gets a extra prize. So you should start now. even after the program you should still be healthy and exercise. So just remember to stay healthy and active.

Your friend,


Rollerbladers in the Park  Fruit Face Swing

Being Computer Safe


Hi people! Kaylee here. Remember being computer safe is important!!! Don’t give your full name on any website not even yours!!! People may try to steal your identity!!! That’s bad!!! Many people online say to trust them but don’t!!! They can cause troubles!!! If you’re AN ADULT you can decide to put personal information on a website!!! Remember your COMPUTER SAFETY!!!

Your friend,


Be a Friend!

Do you like being treated well? Do you know many kids get bullied every day? Most people  see bullying , but they don’t do anything to help them. You may not know what kind of bullying . Here are some bullying ways:

*calling people bad names

*telling them they can’t play with you

*kicking, shoving, pushing, and teasing

*insulting by making fun of them

It’s time for you to make a REAL DIFFERENCE !!!! Go  and be different!! It’s okay.

Your friend,


Reading Is FUN!!!

If you think reading is boring or a waste of time, you’re crazy!!! Reading is spectacular, amazing, and FUN!! You learn great grammar, and when you  use the word you learned on a friend and they say what, you explain what the word means you’ll feel a whole lot smarter!! So now go read! Don’t  forget reading is IMPORTANT and FUN!!

Your friend,


P.S. Be sure to look up the word in a dictionary so you know what it  actually MEANS!! Bye and have FUN!!!!

A Book You Don’t Want to Miss

Hi! It’s Kaylee here. If you want  to read a great and funny book check out “Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw”. This book is just a realist fiction, but if you think your life is a mess, after reading this book you’ll feel lucky!! This kid is getting bullied my his brother, and he embaraasses himself a lot! My favorite part is when the kid, Greg, is hanging by a tree and his pants fell down!!


You can find this book at local libraries, and don’t forget the autor is Jeff Kinney.Thanks for reading this.Enjoy!!