Healthy Kids, Healthy Hearts

Hi people,

Olivia and Kaylee here. We’re  very excited to tell you about Healthy Kids Healthy Hearts. They teach kids how to stay healthy and teach about the side affects of smoking. Here are some facts:

* Out of the 4000 chemicals  in tobacco smoke, over 40 are known to cause cancer.

*On average, every 45 seconds someone in the US has a stroke

* Cardiovascular  disease is the#1 killer in America

There’s MANY more facts  too!!!!

Secondhand Lions

Hey people!    OLIVIA here

If your looking for an awesome book I would recommend Secondhand Lions by John Witman and it is based of the screenplay of Secondhand Loins. It is a fabulous realistic fiction book. It is about a boy Walter, who’s mother, Mae leaves him with his wacky uncles, Hub and Garth. She herd roomers that they have millions from bank robberies stashed somewhere. Walter sleeps in a room  were there is a huge trunk. Mysterious right? The bulb on the post of his bed fell of and a key came out. The key opened up the trunk and he found a picture of a beautiful  woman. Who is it and does he find out if they have millions? You have to read the book yourself and find out.

HAPPY READING,    Olivia Secondhand_Lions