Blogging Guidelines


1. Use your NetSmartz!

Check Out NetSmartz Kids Website!

2. Think before you post~ Use responsible and respectful language. Don’t jeopardize your publishing privilege!

3. Our writing is for many different people to see~ Be proud of what you write!

4. Use your best spelling and grammar~ Get into good habits by practicing what you’ve learned.

5. Your writing should be reflective~ Include your thoughts and feelings to make your writing more personal and engaging.


Make sure your work is the best it can be!

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44 thoughts on “Blogging Guidelines

  1. Dear Mrs. Moore and Techie Kids,

    I’m new to Lottie this year, I know that you’re new too.
    I’m having a great year so far, I hope you are too.
    I’m glad you get to teach our technology class.


  2. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    That’s totally right!! Like they say “better be safe then sorry!” I hope you like Lottie so far. Do you????
    I’ve been here since kindergarden and now I’m in 4th grade!!!

    Thanks so much Mrs.Moore for being our computer teacher!

    Thanks for safety!!!

  3. Dear Techie Kids,

    I think that it is really nice that you put your blogging guidelines like how you did. It looks really nice. I like how you put up things about Techie Kids like, Be proud of what you write, and stuff like that.
    The safety tips are really good because it is good to know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.



    • Dear Angela,

      I do think our blog is cool too. It is so nice of you to comment so nicely. I would like to share some tips
      for you. #1 don’t YAPPY! Yappy means don’t share personal information like your name, phone number, plans,
      and your address.


  4. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    My favorite thing to do in the snow is build a snow man. I love to build a snow man because it takes my mind off things and it give something to do.
    I also like to build a snow man because i meet new friends and I bond with all of the friends I meet. Last but not least I love to drink hot co co after I build a snow man.

    This is what I like to do in the snow.



    • Dear Cody,

      A few weeks ago we did a project with our faces and a new American flag behind us. Isn’t that cool! Do you have a mascot? Well we do. Our mascot is a _______. He lives in our computer room.


    • Dear Mark

      Thank you for liking are webbst.But just saying i love are webbist you got to say more then that. Please write more soon.

      Your friend,

  5. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I love our website. It is so cool. I love all the nice comments. I can’t wait to come back to class.


  6. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    It’s Shane here. I’m so excited to be blogging. I love the website. You are the best Mrs.Moore.

    Your own Techie Kid,

  7. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Thank you for creating this website for us. We have a lot of people visiting our website. Will we do this every class?


  8. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Your the best tech teacher ever. Our new mascot is really cool. It’s one of the first ever at our school. We are very exicited.


  9. Hi,
    I’m Miranda. I’m in 5th grade. Techie Kids is awesome. I hope we get lots of views. I love this website and it’s very cool that everyone around the world can use this, so cool!


    • Dear Miranda,

      Thank you I am a new Techie Kid but I like how you left a quality comment. Your are right. I do love Techie Kids too. I guess you could say I am like a Techie Kid fan. That’s so funny because I am one. 🙂 Thanks Miranda.

      Sincerely, Mrs. Moore`s Techie Kid,

  10. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I am Christina. I’m in 5th grade.

    You are teaching us about blogging. I am so exited and I love your website.

    Your own Techie Kid,


    • Dear Mrs. Moore,

      I am so amazed that people around the world can go on this website and that you know exacly where they are with the revolving map.

      That is very cool. Last night when I went on I think there was a kid on from Ohio. That is so cool! Thank you, Mrs. Moore for this website and everything. Keep up the good work.

      Your own Techie Kid,


  11. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Theres a girl or guy from Califonia, Hollywood right now (2:44 Saturday, October 22, 2011). So cool.

    I think that’s so awesome, thank you for adding the revolving map. You’re the best Mrs. Moore.

    Your own Techie Kid,


    • Dear Shane,

      Hugo I am pretty sure loves taco`s. Anyways his birthday is May 17. I’m pretty sure and his favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough. Anyways if you have any more questions about Hugo either ask questions on Techie Kids on the blog. Me or Hugo will reply maybe even Mrs. Moore and if you go on home in Techie Kids at the very top and scroll down a bit it will tell you all about Hugo. Like in my last comment he has a slide show with a bunch of pictures. It tells a bit about Hugo. By the way great way to leave a quality comment.

      Sincerely, Mrs. Moore`s Techie Kid,

  12. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I love the new slide show you made of Hugo. I love it. It’s very cute and I love the new mascot you picked out. Thank you for Hugo.

    Sincerely, Your own Techie Kid,

  13. Dear Hugo,

    How are you doing? My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough like yours. You are so cool. Tell me a little bit more about yourself that is not included on the home page.

    Mrs. Moore`s Techie Kid,

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  15. Dear Hugo,

    You like cookie dough ice cream to that is my favorite to what is your favorite color. Mine is navy blue it is so fun having you as naldrett’s Techie kids mascot . You love cheries I do to thay are my favorite.


  16. Dear Techie Kids,
    We learned to write the best we can on a blog. We also learned to use grammar. We like to write and see what other kids are doing around the world.
    Alex and Felice

  17. Dear Mr. Avery,

    What a fantastic vidio you put together! I relly injoyed it,
    I can tell you put a lot of efort into it. Also I gather as a family on thanksgiving! But at school we dont have anything spaeshle. But we do have a party just for the kids in our class room . So I hope you have fun doing that spaeshle educatoin! Do you do a spaeshle edication for all hollidays? sincerly,
    kaley from techie kids

  18. Hi there,

    I Love your Christmas theme and the add on’s you have included on your blog. It looks so wonderful and very much in the Christmas spirit.

    I was wondering if you could tell me how you added the blogamation lights to your header. I have read the instructions, but can not figure it out for edublogs….hmmmm…do you suppose you could give me a little guidance? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Mrs. Webb-Scheers

    • Dear Mrs. Webb-Scheers,

      Thanks for the compliment. We were very excited to pick out our decorations! I am so happy you were able to figure it out. We are heading over to see what your blog looks like now!

      Happy decorating!
      Mrs. Moore

    • Dear Christina,

      I think it’s wonderful that you enjoy our website. What do you think we could do to improve it? Are there any topics you are interested in?

      Your teacher,
      Mrs. Moore

  19. Well,I think that to improve it we should update like every month/few months on what we are working on and what we do in technology and I am not interested in any topics yet thank you for asking;)
    Your Own Techie Kid,

  20. Dear,Mrs. Moore,

    I don’t think that you could improve on anything except one thing. When you scroll up to the top of the screen it says that the date is Feburary 23d. And I think around March 28th you should change the theme to Easter.

    Sincerly, Your Techie Kid Maria

  21. Dear Hugo,

    You and Mrs. Moore are great friends right? Do you like video games? I do. You are a great friend to me, Hugo.

    Your friend,

    • Hi Tim,

      Yes, of course I remember you. 🙂 How nice of you to visit! I am doing well, thank you. I hope you are having a wonderful school year!

      Mrs. Moore

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