G’day 2KJ!

Where in the world is 2KJ? Well, that’s what our 1st grade classes found out today.  We used Google Earth to locate our Blogging Buddies in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It was so cool to watch the Earth spin and zoom across the ocean! Their class is very far away, but we get to know them through our blog. We think that’s pretty special.

Hello from Mrs. Strackbein’s Class,
Strackbein Knapik Class Photos 002


Mrs. Knapik’s Class,
Strackbein Knapik Class Photos 004


Mrs. Lovell’s Class 

Mrs. Lovell's Class


and Mrs. Hines’ Class.

Kreller Economy 043

Paperless Book

The 1st Grade classes had some Earth Day fun playing games like Michael, Michael, Go Recycle and reading about how we can help take care of our planet on Time for Kids. Take a look at our Paperless Books with 1st grader eco-friendly tips.


Aiden  Sammy



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Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

Mrs. Knapik’s and Mrs. Strackbein’s 1st Grade classes discussed the difference between fiction and non-fiction. They also learned how to insert and resize clip art in a Word document. Take a look at their work…


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View more presentations from techiekids.