Congrats 5th Graders

Hey, hey, it’s Abby! Congrats to the 5th Graders who are going to middle school!! My friends and I are going to Middle School South or North. Our Graduation Party was on the last day of school, June 11. We also went to the Aquatic Center on June 9. I am very proud of my friends and I! 🙂


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Video Games with Abby!!

Hey it’s Abby! Today we are talking about Video Games. Now video games are fun, cool, and awesome, but what about our health? Now in my opinion you should only play at the most three video game networks, because if you have more you will want to play it more. You sit still to play video games. If you are sitting still and not being active you can become obese! Obese is just a nicer word than fat!! Now I’m just trying to get you to relize what harm can do to you if you become a video nut! Just remeber to be healthy, active, and just have fun!! 🙂

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite video game AND your favorite outside activity.




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Michigan VS Michigan State 3

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Hey it’s the JJ Duo here again and I just have to say I’m so glad that college basket ball is over, so we can get closer and closer to the new season and see how Michigan State’s going to mess up again.  This time Michigan is going to be there with state in the finals . When state messes up their going to get bumped. Finally states ego caught up with them and it’s going to eat at them the rest of the off season. There going to have to share the spotlight with a team who was better than them the whole time and just didn’t show it. I’m going to add, Michigan love em or hate em, there here and here to stay. I prefer to love em. I just thought WE’D have a quick talk with our auideance. keep commenting we need our fans. Michigan and Michigan State . See you for part 4.


Welcome, Ms.Sazehn!

As everyone should know sadly Mrs.Carr isn’t our art teacher anymore but, luckily we have a great replacement for the rest of the year Ms.Sazehn! For about the last 2 days I’ve had Ms.Sazehn. she has been doing a great job at her profession. With fun times to come with our new great art teacher (because Sugarbush always gets great teachers) I would be happy to be the first to say on Techie Kids….Welcome Ms. Sazehn! 

From, Jon


Colored Pencils

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Hey everyone! It’s me Abby (again)! I want to ask you guys about sports! Now I play soccer and I love it! Now I know there is a lot of sports out there,but I don’t know much about them. So I thought you guys could leave a comment telling me what sport you play and what is your favorite part of it! That way I will know a little more about the game! Thank-you!!! 🙂



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Thank You, Mrs.Moore!

Mrs.Moore I think I stand for everyone when I say thank you for doing this for us, creating this fantastic website letting us have a way to express our selves online for friends and family to see. I don’t know any one with such mental talent to make such a wonderful site ! I’ve been getting fans in the last month because of Mrs.Moore. If it wasn’t for her there would be no Shark Bites with Abby ,the JJ Duo, polls, any of it this would be extinct if it wasn’t for talented Sugarbush staff, teachers, principle, who hire these brilliant teachers like Mrs.Moore, Mrs.Kreller, Mrs.Yax, Mr. Stark , and all the wonderful people here at Sugarbush Elementary, so thank you to the talented wonderful staff of Sugarbush and mostly Mrs. Moore. – JJ Duo

PS. please post thank you comments for Mrs Moore cause no one deserves it more than Mrs. Moore.