Tongue Twisters

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss books is Fox in Socks. I just love the silly tongue twister tales. Let’s have some fun in the style of this awesome author by writing and reading some of our own. Many tongue twisters use alliteration. Alliteration is repeating a particular sound in the first syllables of a series of words or phrases. Try this strategy. Choose a letter to focus on for your alliteration. Brainstorm a list of 10-12 adjectives, nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech that begin with this letter. Try to create a short story using these words in a combination of simple and complex sentences. Share your tongue twister in a comment so we can try out your tricky tale.

Here are 2 that Mrs. Moore tried.


The bright, blue balloon broke loose from boy’s box.
Boy used broom to bring bright, blue balloon back to box.
Silly boy. Bright, blue balloons don’t go back in box.


Skunk skipped to the Slippers and Shiny Shoes Store.
Skunk shouted when she spotted six, slick, slimy shoes.
Should she show the shoes to the shoppers or
Should she stop and sling the shoes into the sink?
She should stop.
Some shoes slipping. Some shoes sliding.
Skunk shook the slimy shoes ’til the strings swung into the sink
Slowly she stood on a stool, scooped up the shoes, and shoved them onto the shelf.
She began to shout and spout , “Now she can show me the shiny shoes!”

Share one of your own tongue twister tales.
What’s a strategy we should use when writing with alliteration?

Skyping with Mr. Kruger’s Class!

Today we were able to connect with Mr. Kruger’s 3rd grade class in Minnesota.

It is always fun to meet new friends. Both of our classes were ready to talk about our communities. Here is some of what we learned.


For fun…
They visit the Minnesota Zoo or the Como Zoo. The Como Zoo is free!
The 3rd graders can go to the Mall of America, but this isn’t just any mall. It’s the biggest mall in the United States. They even have roller coasters inside called Nickelodeon Universe! Mrs. Moore has actually been there and can verify that it would take a long time to visit all of the stores and see everything there is to see. 🙂

Photo shared by jpellgen Licensed under Creative Commons

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Many students visit their cabins on the weekends.
Their community has the largest free fair in the state. It is held in August.


Several of the students shared about some special jobs that their families have.
Gopher Sport makes athletic and fitness equipment.
Viracon-This company makes the glass and tints for windows. Their glass is being used in the new World Trade Center building in New York.
Construction and Insurance– This area provides insurance to many large companies.
Josten’s– They created the designs for the Super Bowl rings.
Mayo Clinic– This is a very special, well-known medical center that helps to diagnose and treat patients.


Their community has about 25,000 people.
We discovered that our temperatures are very similar, which makes sense because we are very close in location. They are hoping to get some snow tonight!


Thank you for helping us learn more about our world!

Do you have any questions you did not have time to ask?


Tell us a fun fact about the area you live in.


W.O.W! Websites Of the Week

We’ve been on Winter Break this week. It snowed for a couple of hours, but that’s about all. Tonight we have our first official storm of the season brewing. I wonder if we’ll have a snow day tomorrow..

While the Techie Kids are enjoying a short recess, I thought I would share a few wonderful websites with you. Give these a try and let us know what you think.

Lego City Comic Builder


San Diego Zoo Web Cams
PBS Kids Story of Owen and Mzee
ABcYa! Animations 

ABC Ya! US Geography Puzzle Map


Find the Technology 


ABC Ya! Input & Ouput Devices


Tell me which website you liked and why.


How could we use websites like Kerpoof to help us present things that we are learning?

Researching Michigan

So many of our blogging buddies have created informational videos and posts about the area they live in. We are learning so much about our world through all that they’ve shared. It’s about time that we did the same thing. Today, our third graders will be starting to research important facts that we can share with all of you about our great state of Michigan. We will be using informational websites, Google Earth, United States apps, and a World Atlas text to find out more. When we are done, we will share our information with you on a Michigan page using tools like Prezi, Photo Story 3, and EduGlogster.  


Here are some examples of how our friends have shared information with others about their area.


Mr. Salsich’s Class created a video about Stonington, Connecticut.


Watch the video on The Local Environment in Sointula created by Mrs. Watson’s 2/3 Class.


Here is a link to the 2/3’s Our Province page.


Watch the PhotoPeach Mrs. McKenzie’s Class created to tell others about Reefton, New Zealand.


Can you share any apps, tools, or websites that would help us with our research?


Do you have any questions about Michigan?


Alphabet Practice

Kindergarteners know how important it is to learn what their letters look like and the sounds they make. So, we thought we should practice our early reading skills in the lab too. Since we are Techie Kids, we thought we’d try to use technology to support our learning and have some fun along the way. 


Kindergarten ABC’s from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

When our 2nd graders heard about what the Kindergarteners were doing, they wanted to help. They spent their first time using a digital camera in class to go on a scavenger hunt to look for all the letters in the alphabet. It’s important to be able to recognize letters in uppercase, lowercase, and many different font styles.

To view the 2nd graders pictures, please click here,
ABC Scavenger Hunt.

For some extra fun, try out the Techie Kids’ favorite early reading websites.


PBS Kids Super Why!


The last website was shared by Richard Byrne and we are so glad since it fits perfectly with what we’ve been working on. You can also download free flash cards, coloring pages, and a poster featuring the Alphabetimals.


…And We’re Back!

We’re off to a great start in our new school year. “New” is actually a great word to describe everything that’s going on here. Our blog has a new look with some new features. This year I am teaching in 2 new buildings. That means there are 450 new Techie Kids who are eager to flatten their classroom walls!

We are so excited to start collaborating with all of you! Each of the classes have begun investigating many of your blogs. Our goal is to begin commenting this week! We have already spent time talking about Internet safety. Our classes have discussed how important it is not to share information that is too personal. We know we should not share our last name, phone number, address, or specific plans. Many of you have other rules and guidelines to stay safe on the Internet. Can you share some of your rules that you think our group of new bloggers should learn?

What blogging advice can you share with the brand new Techie Kids?


What do you think of our new look? Is it user friendly?


Endangered Species

This is a student post written by Savannah, Adrianna, and Nicole.

Endangered animals need to be taken care of as do their habitats. They need their habitats to survive. If they don’t have their home or food, they will not survive. Some people hunt endangered animals like the cheetah. People cut down trees for paper or building materials.



Rainbow Finch

rainbow finch

Image by Nick Hobgood Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Here are some ways you can help. Try using things that are not made of wood. Try using whiteboards or computers instead of paper. You can use an iPod, DSi, or eReader to read books too. If you have to use paper, then recycle it when you’re done. You can also use both sides of the paper before recycling. This is called reusing. To reduce your garbage, cut down on how much you use each day. We should start replanting the trees that are getting cut down, too.





Image by barnetcouncil Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


Here are some of the illustrations the first grade students made on Earth Day to remind us how to take care of the Earth.

SlideShare of Earth Day 1st grade pictures.


Can you tell us if you’ve ever done something to help endangered animals?


Please share some of your endangered animal research with us.


What facts do we need to know?