We just love learning with our friends around the world!

Mrs. Eldridge teaches a group of 4-7 year old children in North Yorkshire, England.

The idea for this project began when she shared with us that their  school is located right next to an old castle. We thought that would be very fun. None of the Kinder-Techie Kids have seen a real castle before.

Mrs. Eldridge decided to post pictures of Middleham Castle on her blog, The Class Around the Corner. Our Kindergarten students were amazed!

They started to imagine what it would be like to live there. The children shared their ideas about who could have lived there. They thought about what it might look like inside or what the floor plans might have looked like.

The Kindergarteners took their ideas and wonderings and used our computer drawing programs to  create their own castle.

After we started our project, Mrs. Eldridge and Mr. Eldridge went to Bolton Castle on their vacation. They took more pictures and sent us another message with incredible images of the inside and outside of the castle. The pictures are spectacular! The 5 and 6 year olds continued to add to their designs and ideas.

These are some of the pictures that inspired us.

Castles on PhotoPeach

We used Kidspiration to organize our castle words and thoughts.


Here are our castle creations!

Do you have your own castle stories or ways that you have used your imagination? Please let us know if your class would like to join in on the castle fun by leaving us a message on this post.

What other castle words can you can add to our list?

Can you tell us a castle story?

What do you imagine it would be like to live in a castle?

Sight Words & Color Words

There are many ways that technology can be used to support what we are learning. Here’s one idea made especially for our Kindergarteners.


Click on the link below to watch our Photo Story and practice your sight words.


Kindergarten Sight Words 1



Special thanks to Aspen, Carlie Jo, Gavin, and Josh. You did a great job with your speaking skills!


Stay tuned for more sight words to practice…


Click on the link below to watch our Photo Story and practice your color words.


Color Words



Special thanks to Allen, Casey, Faith, Jacob, Nicholas, Rylie, and Samantha. You did a great job helping us with our colors!


What is your favorite way to practice something you learn in school?