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    • Dear Vera,

      Thanks so much for visiting! I agree. There are so many wonderful publishing opportunities that students have now. It’s nice to harness their interest in technology to strengthen their motivation.

      It’s very exciting to me when something we share inspires someone else. If I can ever help in any way, please let me know. 🙂 The students created their illustrations in KidPix 4, TuxPaint, and PowerPoint. I took screen shots of their work and pulled them all into 1 PowerPoint presentation. I saved the PowerPoint as a PDF and uploaded it to FlipSnack to make the flippable eBook. There is a limit to the number of free pages that can be embedded in your site. If you don’t want to pay for a subscription, I’d suggest SlideShare. That’s a free embeddable tool I have used many times over the last few years. It works great for sharing classroom books. The pages will just be clickable instead of flippable. If you need any extra clarification or strategies, just let me know.

      I love being able to share my students creativity on this global platform and it’s fun to meet other teachers who are interested in the same thing! Thanks for sharing your link. I’ll check it out.

      Best wishes,
      Mrs. Moore

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