Visit a few of our Sqworl’s for some seasonal fun.


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3 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Me and my family love the games for holidays! My brother says that he wants to be at my school and not at Middle School. My mom says it helps me learn things to do other things then sit around all day and watch t.v.. My dad says these are really fun games and some are a little tricky. My family can’t wait for you to put up new holiday games.

    Your student a Tecie Kid, Jada

    • Dear Jada,

      I’m glad you are enjoying the games. I especially like that you are working with your family! What do you like best about your favorite game? I am putting together a new Sqworl with many websites that have stories to read online. I’ll share it in class next week.

      Your teacher,
      Mrs. Moore

  2. Dear Mrs.Moore

    Me and my family love this website my little brother says he wants to go to school like me. I like the snowflake workshop the best.If i was not in this school i would miss out in all the fun.You are the best computers teacher ever!!!!!

    your student a techie kid,Mia

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