ABCya! Take a Trip!- Practice your mousing skills as you drive your car around town.


BBC’s Dance Mat Typing- Practice your keyboarding skills.


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4 thoughts on “Keyboarding

  1. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    These are very fun, cool games to play! Ever since I’ve heard of this website in class I’ve been playing and looking at the blogging part. I love to play these very fun games and the blogging is the best! I love to play these games at Mrs. Moore’s classroom and blog at home. It is very fun! I showed it to my friends Seanna, Teddy, and also Ajay. They loved it so much. They can’t wait til they are in kindergarten to play Techie Kids because they just love it!

    Your friend and in your 2/3 grade class,

  2. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    These games are fun and really challenging. I like the one where you have a car and drive it around the town. But I especially like dance mat typing. I like techie class. I am in your 2/3 grade split class.

  3. Dear Miss Moore

    My mom and dad loved the plant song. Thank you for puting the song on.

    love Taciana
    Miss Chalker class

  4. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    These games are really fun! I love to go on techie kids and play them. Thank you for making this website.

    From: Jada,

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