Pure Michigan



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3 thoughts on “Michigan

  1. Dear Techie Kids,

    Your Pure Michigan Prezi was great! It reminided me why our state is great. I love my states’s wildlife. Our manmals, birds, fish, and reptiles are beautiful creatures. I love camping in Michigan. It is a great place to camp because, of the water. There’s water everywhere! That Prezi really touched my heart.

    Dominic Techie Kids

  2. Hi MS. Moore,
    I am also a technology teacher for grades k-5. I am new to this job this year and I love it. I teach for van dyke public schools in Warren, MI.

    I love you website. I would love to chat sometime and possibly collaborate on a project. Will you be attending MACUL?
    Jennifer MAcDonald

    • Hi Ms. MacDonald,

      Thanks for visiting our blog! I appreciate your kind words. We are always up for collaborative projects. I’ll send you an email right now.

      Talk to you soon,
      Mrs. Moore

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