What would you like to know more about?
Try some of these websites to begin your research.
Currated by librarians, this is a perfect starting point!
Sweet Search 4 Me

SweetSearch Biographies
Look for biographies of people here.
Kids InfoBits
Organized by subject area. Images available with citation information.
SIRS Discoverer
4 ways to search.
Specialist Searching
Searching Tip-
If you are looking for information on a blue heron, you may not find what you need if you only search for “heron.”
Try typing in the search box:
blue heron -elementary +habitat +map
Typing -elementary will eliminate any schools named after a blue heron.
Adding +habitat and +map will help you find facts about where the blue heron lives.
Try out this searching strategy on
Searchy Pants
A Safe Internet Search for Smarty Pants 
Kid Safe Search Engine
Fact Monster
Online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help

Creative Commons

An important part of research is learning about copyright and citations. Take a look at this poster that will help you with Creative Commons copyright.


Creative Commons Licensing Flowchart by KellyMooreTK


FactSheet Published by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation in partnership with Creative Commons Australia. This fact sheet is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5
Australia licence,

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