How-To: Tie Your Shoes

Mrs. Moore went to an awesome education conference this past weekend called, EdCamp Detroit. It was full of amazing Michigan educators who love helping students learn! We had many great conversations and shared a whole bunch of cool ideas. When I told Mr. Medvinsky we were creating How-To videos, he shared a cool app with me called, SnapGuide. Guess what? I loved it and couldn’t wait to share it in class!



We jumped right in and made our first guide. Take a look at what our 1st graders created. Each photo is captioned and there are even videos at the end.


Check out How to Tie Your Shoes by 1st Graders by Kelly Moore on Snapguide.

Have you used SnapGuide before?


How do you think you could use this tool?

Earth Day 2013

In celebration of Earth Day this past April 22nd, we made our third annual Paperless Earth Day books. You can see our past Earth Day books by clicking here (Earth Day 2011) and here (Earth Day 2012) . We used KidPix4 and TuxPaint to illustrate our ideas. Take a peek at some ways we take care of the Earth.



These books are also embedded on our eBook page. You can click on this link or find eBooks in the menu bar above.


Our classes also enjoyed playing Michael, Michael Go Recycle!


…and reading an Earth Day book on Starfall.


What did you think of our Paperless Books?

Can you share other ways that we can take care of the Earth?

How did your class celebrate Earth Day?


Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

The Techie Kids love celebrating March is Reading Month. We always begin by wishing Dr. Seuss a Happy Birthday! Our students (and teachers) enjoy dressing up in our beloved character gear and reading our favorite rhyming texts.


Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! on PhotoPeach


Visit Seussville to find out more about Theodor Seuss Geisel and find some fun games to play.


Here’s a recipe you can try at home with your family.


Click below to listen to our fantastic 1st graders sing a song about Dr. Seuss. Enjoy!

We Love To Read! from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

Mobile Learning Devices

The Kindergarten and First Grade students have been talking about mobile learning devices.


Here are some of the connections we made, ideas we shared, and new vocabulary we learned.


It is amazing!


Mobile Wordle


Your finger acts like a mouse on the iPod Touch.

Your finger acts like a mouse on the SMARTBoard too.

Big SMARTBoards are good for lots of people to see at the same time.

Big SMARTBoards are good for seeing from far away.

Small iPod’s are good because you can take it with you. You can’t take a big SMARTBoard on vacation.

You can read books on an iPod Touch.

You can read books on a SMARTBoard.

You can read books on the computer.

You can read books on an iPad.

You can read books on a Nook.

You can read books on a Kindle.

You can read books on an eReader.

You can read books from the library.

It is still good to read regular books. Technology just gives us more possibilities and lets us have a choice.


iPod Pic


Can you share your experience with mobile learning devices?


What is your favorite App?


Can you share an example of when it’s a good idea to use technology and when it’s a good idea to use something traditional?


Skyping with Mrs. Lynch and Room 102!



We are photographers and global learners. Now we want to learn to speak French! The first grade Techie Kids were so excited to be able to talk with Mrs. Lynch’s class in Quebec, Canada.


We loved that they knew how to speak French. Our class asked them how to say a couple of words and phrases and Room 102 translated it for us.


Hello!  Bonjour!

I like to play with my friends.             J’aime jouer avec mes amis.

I like to play on the computer.            J’aime jouer sur l’ordinateur.

I like to eat.     J’aime manger.

I had a holiday yesterday.       J’ai eu un jour férié hier.


Their language is beautiful!


After our time together, the Techie Kids kept talking about other languages. I shared a story with them about when  I was shopping in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey. Each of the shop owners talked to the people who were passing by to encourage them to visit their stall. One of the owners went through 7 different languages trying to get my attention. I was amazed! We think it is a wonderful idea to learn more than one language.


Here are a couple of games to help us begin to learn words in French.


 French Phrases



Fruits and Vegetables in French



Foods in Spanish

This is a bonus Spanish language game.



Thanks for helping us learn globally!


What languages are spoken in your family?


What strategy could you suggest to help others learn to speak another language?

G’day 2KJ!

Where in the world is 2KJ? Well, that’s what our 1st grade classes found out today.  We used Google Earth to locate our Blogging Buddies in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It was so cool to watch the Earth spin and zoom across the ocean! Their class is very far away, but we get to know them through our blog. We think that’s pretty special.

Hello from Mrs. Strackbein’s Class,
Strackbein Knapik Class Photos 002


Mrs. Knapik’s Class,
Strackbein Knapik Class Photos 004


Mrs. Lovell’s Class 

Mrs. Lovell's Class


and Mrs. Hines’ Class.

Kreller Economy 043

Paperless Book

The 1st Grade classes had some Earth Day fun playing games like Michael, Michael, Go Recycle and reading about how we can help take care of our planet on Time for Kids. Take a look at our Paperless Books with 1st grader eco-friendly tips.


Aiden  Sammy



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