Earth Day 2013

In celebration of Earth Day this past April 22nd, we made our third annual Paperless Earth Day books. You can see our past Earth Day books by clicking here (Earth Day 2011) and here (Earth Day 2012) . We used KidPix4 and TuxPaint to illustrate our ideas. Take a peek at some ways we take care of the Earth.



These books are also embedded on our eBook page. You can click on this link or find eBooks in the menu bar above.


Our classes also enjoyed playing Michael, Michael Go Recycle!


…and reading an Earth Day book on Starfall.


What did you think of our Paperless Books?

Can you share other ways that we can take care of the Earth?

How did your class celebrate Earth Day?


The Plant Song


Another one of our special projects over the past 2 months has been writing songs to familiar tunes. We were inspired by Mrs. McKenzie’s B4 Class when they posted songs to help them with their Daily 5 program. Check for Understanding, The Cross-Checking Song, and Back Up and Re-Read It. Click on each title to hear their songs.

Our goal is to put lessons we are learning in class to music. Many of us found out that music can help us remember important words or ideas. The second grade Techie Kids learned about the parts of plants and how they grow. We wrote the words that were most important and set them to music. We hope you enjoy listening and learning with us!


Here are the lyrics we sang:



Have you ever written a song?

Can you share a song with us that has helped you remember something you learned in school?

Alphabet Practice

Kindergarteners know how important it is to learn what their letters look like and the sounds they make. So, we thought we should practice our early reading skills in the lab too. Since we are Techie Kids, we thought we’d try to use technology to support our learning and have some fun along the way. 


Kindergarten ABC’s from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

When our 2nd graders heard about what the Kindergarteners were doing, they wanted to help. They spent their first time using a digital camera in class to go on a scavenger hunt to look for all the letters in the alphabet. It’s important to be able to recognize letters in uppercase, lowercase, and many different font styles.

To view the 2nd graders pictures, please click here,
ABC Scavenger Hunt.

For some extra fun, try out the Techie Kids’ favorite early reading websites.


PBS Kids Super Why!


The last website was shared by Richard Byrne and we are so glad since it fits perfectly with what we’ve been working on. You can also download free flash cards, coloring pages, and a poster featuring the Alphabetimals.


Skyping with Mrs. Watson and the 2/3’s!

This week, we were able to Skype with our friends in British Columbia, Canada. It is always great to talk with Mrs. Watson and the 2/3’s! Our classes decided to try something different this visit. We thought it might be fun to read together.

If you’re going to read together, why not share a poem from You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You.


This fantastic book allowed the 2/3’s to practice one side of the text and the Techie Kids to practice the other side.

Our text was colored purple and

the 2/3’s text was colored pink.

When the blue text appeared in the middle, we read together!

Listen to see what our poem, The Two Mice, sounded like.

You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

After reading, we learned some super-cool facts about each other.

The 2/3’s have 46 children in their entire school compared to our 400!

There are 17 students in their class compared to the 27 Techie Kids participating in this session.

Our school day is longer by 1 hour and 15 minutes.

We thought it was very cool that some students were able to go home for lunch or have hot lunches delivered to them.

We are very interested in how their class can play in a temperate rainforest.

Everyone thought it would be fun to have a little friend like Chippy the Chipmunk!

Here are some pictures that were taken by our second grade Techie Kids.

We can’t wait to learn more with our buddies!

What was the most interesting thing you learned?

What connections did you make?

What would you like to learn more about?

G’day 2KJ!

Where in the world is 2KJ? Well, that’s what our 1st grade classes found out today.  We used Google Earth to locate our Blogging Buddies in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It was so cool to watch the Earth spin and zoom across the ocean! Their class is very far away, but we get to know them through our blog. We think that’s pretty special.

Hello from Mrs. Strackbein’s Class,
Strackbein Knapik Class Photos 002


Mrs. Knapik’s Class,
Strackbein Knapik Class Photos 004


Mrs. Lovell’s Class 

Mrs. Lovell's Class


and Mrs. Hines’ Class.

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