Skyping with 2KJ in Australia!

We Skyped with Miss Jordan and 2KJ in Victoria, Australia!

2KJ has been helping us learn about the seasons all around the world. It is spring in Australia while it is fall here in the U.S.A. The third grade classes celebrated all their hard work on the BookQuest with a fall party. Since 2KJ has done such a wonderful job helping us learn, we thought it would be a great idea to invite them to our party. 2KJ and 2KM joined us LIVE on Skype. It was the first time that any of these Techie Kids have used Skype. They were so happy they could see and hear our buddies in Australia while they talked with us. Thank you to our special friends who made this party such a memorable experience!


We learned some super-cool facts about life in Australia.


Our party was at 5:30pm on Monday night, but for 2KJ, it was 9:30am on Tuesday morning!

Australia’s total population is around 21,000,000 people.

The students at Leopold Primary School wear uniforms and we do not.

It does not snow where 2KJ lives in Victoria.

We say that we “root” for a team. In Australia, they “barrack” for a team.

The Ashes Cricket tournament takes place in Australia during the summer.

They enjoy watching the Melbourne Cup and Geelong Cup horse races and participate by having “sweeps.” This is when the names of the horses are put in a hat and they pull out a name to find out what horse they want to win. They get a prize if their horse comes in first!

They like to eat vegetables, fruit, and Vegemite.

The students especially enjoyed hearing that Miss Jordan was able to look out the window at her family’s house in the country and see kangaroos.  We thought that would be awesome!!


Thanks for teaching us so much about your country!



Image by Clement, Melissa. dsc_0297.jpg. 2009. Pics4Learning. 24 Nov 2010


Our photographers went right to work to help us remember our party. Cameron, Kayla, Trisha, Bryce, Noah, William, Jenna, and Evelina were busy taking pictures of all the fun. Enjoy the slideshows!



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What was your favorite part about skyping with 2KJ?


What are some similarities or differences between our class and 2KJ?


Why do you think Skype is a good idea to use in schools?




Hey, it’s Kayla and Rebeka here. We went to the movie theater on Wednesday to see the movie Oceans. In this movie there are weird animals that swerve around in the cool, damp sea. You can learn about many other animals when you see this movie. You can see us when we post our next story. If you see it we hope you enjoy it too. See ya.



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Author Scavenger Hunt


Hey everybody! Our third grade classes are working on an Author Scavenger Hunt. Check out some of the cool things we learned.

  • Its actually suprising that Dr. Seuss would be 106 years old! –Peyton
  • Dave Pilkey was actully a salesman when he was younger! ~Leah
  • Jeff Kinney was born on 1971 in Maryland and went to University in the 1990’s!~Alex
  • Diray of a wimpy kid was released on April 2007.~Ally
  • Dr.Seuss is relly his name but he is an unaffechle Doctor~Sabrina
  • Do you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Well if you do you should go and see the movie!!!!!!!! It comes out on March 19, 2010. It looks really good!!!!-Haley
  • The Pigeons birthday is on April fools day.Austin
  • Did you know J.K  Rowling is a girl? Andria

Cool Huh?

2010 Winter Olympic Medals

Did you hear about the 2010 Winter Olympics? Our class visited the official 2010 Winter Olympic website. You have to visit this site!


The United States, or U.S.A., won the most medals. We feel excited and splendid about it! Did you know that Canada received the most gold medals? Kazakhstan had the fewest medals. They only won 1 silver medal. It was in the Women’s Biathlon. All of the countries tried their hardest to win medals. Germany won 30 medals and the United States won 37 medals total. How many do you think China won? If you want to find out how many medals the other countries won, look on the website to find out…

The next Winter Olympics is in Russia. Make sure you watch it! I hope next time the U.S.A. wins the most gold medals!!! The U.S.A. is the best!

Mrs. Hauff’s 3rd Grade

Winter Olympic Events

This is some cool facts that we learned watching the Olympics. Two of the people in our class liked Short Track Speed Skating the best. This one guy, Apollo Ohno, would be in last and comeback and win! It was great. It was really fantastic and he’s the best. We saw the couple’s figure skating and they were dressed as cowboys. It was really awesome and we loved how they danced to the music. One of the couples were from U of M. They won a silver medal. We felt a little surprised because they were only college kids. One person liked the one person figure skating. We saw Plushenko skate and he did really sweet jumps. And he spun so fast, it looked like he was going to throw up! When I saw the beginning of curling, I was amazed how they worked together! I was surprised at how fast they swept and got it toward the middle. Cross-Country Skiing is probably the hardest sport. It was amazing how theycould keep skiing for an hour and thirty minutes!

I hope you enjoyed watching the 2010 Winter Olympics as much as we did! 

Mrs. Lawrence’s 3rd Grade