International Show and Tell

Well, that was fun.

Today, we were able to meet Mrs. Monaghan’s class in England through Skype. During our blogging conversations, we discovered words we didn’t know and items we hadn’t heard before. We found out that we sometimes call the same things by different names. So, we decided to play a game of International Show and Tell.



Middleham started us off, “We think you might not know what a Fat Rascal is.” And, we didn’t. When they showed us what it looked like, we yelled, “It’s a cookie!” They told us it was actually a scone. None of the children in our class eat scones, but adults sometimes have it with coffee.

They continued to challenge us with
Flat Cap
Double Decker
& Freddo

We knew 3 of their terms.

The Techie Kids tried a few of our own terms too. We asked if they knew

They knew or were able to figure out most of these terms. We loved hearing what they called some of the items. We found out that the drink we call pop, they call “fizzy drinks.” They call Band-Aids, “plasters” and barettes, “hair-slides.”


Here’s an Animoto of the excitement.


Only 1 student in Mrs. Monaghan’s class had heard of a S’More before. They told us that they would be going camping soon. We thought it was important that they knew how to make these delicious snacks before they left!

Here’s our Snapguide teaching you how to make a S’More.

Check out How to Make a S'More by Kelly Moore on Snapguide.


There were many more items we wanted to share, but didn’t have time.
Here is a SlideShare game we made for you. See if you can figure it out before clicking to the next slide.

Thanks for a super fun game!

Which items did you know by name?

Which items were new to you?

Did you have any other items you wanted to ask us?


Clapping Games

Our friends around the world are having fun with playground songs and clapping games. Naturally, the Techie Kids wanted to join in. Here are some of our clapping games.


Concentration from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

Boom, Snap, Clap!

Boom, Snap, Clap! from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


McDonald’s from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

Please be sure to visit our blog buddies and see what playground songs they have shared!


Mr. Eldridge, Hawes Primary School, England


Hawes Newshounds, England


Hawes Primary Class 3, England


Mrs Kistler and the 49’ers USA


Mr. Salsich’s Class, USA


Mrs. McKenzie, Open the Door to B4, NZ


Mrs. Hembree’s Bell Bulldog Readers,  USA


Mrs. Lynch and Room 102, Canada


Which clapping game was your favorite?

Can you share a different playground song with us?

February Blogging Challenge

We have been discussing digital literacy quite a bit these past months. We have been making connections everywhere we look. Additionally, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders have been introduced to spreadsheets in Excel. Watch for the projects they are working on to be posted later…


I know that our time together each week is quite limited. I would like to make sure that we have not forgotten about our blog buddies and how to write quality comments. SO, in an effort to encourage you to practice your digital skills at home, I am issuing a blogging challenge! This month, students can earn 1 piece of candy per 2 quality comments left on our blog or on our Blog Buddies posts. Remember, a quality comment would include all of the items we have discussed in class. The top comment writer will receive a cool PRIZE! All other participants will have an opportunity to win a prize, as well, by having their name entered into a drawing.

Blog Alphabet


Please post a comment here to tell us what you are learning from our friends and where you learned it. The student who finds the most interesting or unique fact will also receive a PRIZE.  We will vote on the most interesting comments at the end of the month.

Don’t forget to ask questions and leave comments for other students.


Another part of the challenge involves practicing your keyboarding skills at home. You have an extra chance to earn 1 piece of candy each week that you practice your keyboarding skills at home. Visit Dance Mat Typing or E-Learning for Kids, from home, at least 2 times for 20 minutes each during the week. Then, leave a quality comment on this post with your first name and an adult family member’s first name who can confirm that you met this challenge.






Thanks to Miss Jordan and 2KJ for sharing this idea with us! You can read about their challenge here.


Happy Blogging!


What have you learned from our Blog Buddies?


Can you tell me about a time that you participated in a contest?


Photo Fun

When everyone returned to school, I heard many stories about new cameras and fun pictures that were taken. It seemed like a great time to continue talking about photo editing. This week our 4th and 5th graders had a chance to try out some of the fun programs and websites that are available.

If you’d like to try too, visit these sites:







Take a look at some of the possibilities  with FotoFlexer…



View more presentations from Mrs. Moore.


What do you like to take pictures of?



How would you use photo editing programs?



Video Games with Abby!!

Hey it’s Abby! Today we are talking about Video Games. Now video games are fun, cool, and awesome, but what about our health? Now in my opinion you should only play at the most three video game networks, because if you have more you will want to play it more. You sit still to play video games. If you are sitting still and not being active you can become obese! Obese is just a nicer word than fat!! Now I’m just trying to get you to relize what harm can do to you if you become a video nut! Just remeber to be healthy, active, and just have fun!! 🙂

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite video game AND your favorite outside activity.




Image by Jensen, Jennifer. img_3103.jpg. November 16, 2009. Pics4Learning. 14 May 2010 <>