Family Feud…Skype Style

And the survey says…this is a great idea!

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But then, Mr. Curran is full of great ideas. We jumped at the opportunity when he and his 4th grade class invited us to participate in this game. Both classes took a Google Form survey and gave their answer to several questions. These were used as the data for the Skype Feud. The hands-down favorite question for this fun, end-of-the-year activity was, “Name a good gift for a pirate.”

True to the style of the classic Family Feud game show, two students faced off in a race to ring the buzzer (bell) first and give the answer that received the highest number of responses. There were 8 fast paced rounds that began with points at face value then progressed into double and triple points.


It was a close, exciting game that actually came down to the last question. The Techie Kids emerged victorious! We were just so grateful that we’ve been able to connect with so many wonderful classes this year.



Skype Feud from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

Thank you Mr. Curran and students for being such gracious hosts!


How could you use this idea in your class?

What would be a good question for another Skype Feud with an academic focus?

What game show would you like to try out on Skype?


Skyping with Mr. Eldridge and Hawes Primary!

We finally had a chance to meet our friends in England.  The 3rd Grade Techie Kids were able to Skype with Mr. Eldridge and his students at Hawes Primary School. We loved their accents!


Here is some of what we learned.


They call their recess, break time.
Each break time begins with an assembly.
They like to sing songs, play football, and hula hoop.
The children enjoy Mr. Gum books. We had not heard of that series before.
They also enjoyed Captain Underpants books. Many of us like those books too!
Charlie shared that he enjoys pizza with cheese, ham, and tomatoes. They also shared how they are learning to focus on healthy eating habits.
Hawes Community Primary School has 75 students who are age 5 through 11 years compared to our 400!
They call jump rope, skipping and soccer is called football.
They wear red, blue, or green shirts to school each day. We do not have set colors or uniforms. We thought it was a fun idea because their teams were already set by color for school competitions.
Our school was built 35 years ago. Hawes school was started in 1879. That’s 132 years ago!
We hope we can chat with our friends again soon. Thank you for helping us learn more about our world!


What was your favorite part about using Skype?
Do you have any other questions to ask the Techie Kids?
What should we try the next time we Skype with our friends?


We just love learning with our friends around the world!

Mrs. Eldridge teaches a group of 4-7 year old children in North Yorkshire, England.

The idea for this project began when she shared with us that their  school is located right next to an old castle. We thought that would be very fun. None of the Kinder-Techie Kids have seen a real castle before.

Mrs. Eldridge decided to post pictures of Middleham Castle on her blog, The Class Around the Corner. Our Kindergarten students were amazed!

They started to imagine what it would be like to live there. The children shared their ideas about who could have lived there. They thought about what it might look like inside or what the floor plans might have looked like.

The Kindergarteners took their ideas and wonderings and used our computer drawing programs to  create their own castle.

After we started our project, Mrs. Eldridge and Mr. Eldridge went to Bolton Castle on their vacation. They took more pictures and sent us another message with incredible images of the inside and outside of the castle. The pictures are spectacular! The 5 and 6 year olds continued to add to their designs and ideas.

These are some of the pictures that inspired us.

Castles on PhotoPeach

We used Kidspiration to organize our castle words and thoughts.


Here are our castle creations!

Do you have your own castle stories or ways that you have used your imagination? Please let us know if your class would like to join in on the castle fun by leaving us a message on this post.

What other castle words can you can add to our list?

Can you tell us a castle story?

What do you imagine it would be like to live in a castle?

Skyping with Mrs. Watson and the 2/3’s!

This week, we were able to Skype with our friends in British Columbia, Canada. It is always great to talk with Mrs. Watson and the 2/3’s! Our classes decided to try something different this visit. We thought it might be fun to read together.

If you’re going to read together, why not share a poem from You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You.


This fantastic book allowed the 2/3’s to practice one side of the text and the Techie Kids to practice the other side.

Our text was colored purple and

the 2/3’s text was colored pink.

When the blue text appeared in the middle, we read together!

Listen to see what our poem, The Two Mice, sounded like.

You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

After reading, we learned some super-cool facts about each other.

The 2/3’s have 46 children in their entire school compared to our 400!

There are 17 students in their class compared to the 27 Techie Kids participating in this session.

Our school day is longer by 1 hour and 15 minutes.

We thought it was very cool that some students were able to go home for lunch or have hot lunches delivered to them.

We are very interested in how their class can play in a temperate rainforest.

Everyone thought it would be fun to have a little friend like Chippy the Chipmunk!

Here are some pictures that were taken by our second grade Techie Kids.

We can’t wait to learn more with our buddies!

What was the most interesting thing you learned?

What connections did you make?

What would you like to learn more about?

Skyping with 2KJ in Australia!

We Skyped with Miss Jordan and 2KJ in Victoria, Australia!

2KJ has been helping us learn about the seasons all around the world. It is spring in Australia while it is fall here in the U.S.A. The third grade classes celebrated all their hard work on the BookQuest with a fall party. Since 2KJ has done such a wonderful job helping us learn, we thought it would be a great idea to invite them to our party. 2KJ and 2KM joined us LIVE on Skype. It was the first time that any of these Techie Kids have used Skype. They were so happy they could see and hear our buddies in Australia while they talked with us. Thank you to our special friends who made this party such a memorable experience!


We learned some super-cool facts about life in Australia.


Our party was at 5:30pm on Monday night, but for 2KJ, it was 9:30am on Tuesday morning!

Australia’s total population is around 21,000,000 people.

The students at Leopold Primary School wear uniforms and we do not.

It does not snow where 2KJ lives in Victoria.

We say that we “root” for a team. In Australia, they “barrack” for a team.

The Ashes Cricket tournament takes place in Australia during the summer.

They enjoy watching the Melbourne Cup and Geelong Cup horse races and participate by having “sweeps.” This is when the names of the horses are put in a hat and they pull out a name to find out what horse they want to win. They get a prize if their horse comes in first!

They like to eat vegetables, fruit, and Vegemite.

The students especially enjoyed hearing that Miss Jordan was able to look out the window at her family’s house in the country and see kangaroos.  We thought that would be awesome!!


Thanks for teaching us so much about your country!



Image by Clement, Melissa. dsc_0297.jpg. 2009. Pics4Learning. 24 Nov 2010


Our photographers went right to work to help us remember our party. Cameron, Kayla, Trisha, Bryce, Noah, William, Jenna, and Evelina were busy taking pictures of all the fun. Enjoy the slideshows!



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What was your favorite part about skyping with 2KJ?


What are some similarities or differences between our class and 2KJ?


Why do you think Skype is a good idea to use in schools?



Fall Party Decorations


Well, it’s finally here…


The day of our FALL PARTY! It is time to celebrate with our blogging buddies in Australia, Miss Jordan and 2KJ.  After a month of reading, research, and planning, it’s time to decorate for our party. I’d likeFall_Tree to thank our illustrators, EJ, Mike, Alex, Anthony, Ty, Ayden, Olivia, and Beth for sharing their artwork with us. They have created these pictures in Kid Pix and Tux Paint to make our room look festive. We hope you enjoy the slideshow!





Create your own video slideshow at

What is your favorite way to create artwork?


Tell me about a time when you decorated for a party.