Don’t Let the Bear Drive the Model T!

Inspired by the amazing Mo Willems’, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, this book takes a Michigan twist. Henry Ford asks the readers to watch his Model T and remember,

Don’t Let the Bear Drive the Model T!


You won’t believe the crazy excuses this bear gives…



Written and illustrated by Mrs. Moore’s 4th grade Techie Kids.

Happy Reading!

Tell us about a book you have written with your classmates.

What other book versions would be fun to create?


If You Give A Monkey A Pineapple…

If you give the Techie Kids inspiration, chances are they’ll create something amazing! That’s just what we’ve been doing. Inspired by Laura Numeroff’s If You Give A Mouse A Cookie series, we decided to create our own version.

This story is a collaboration between our Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third grade classes.

Here is our First Edition Publication of, 



Have you ever written a book before?

If you were to create another book in this series, what would it be called?

March is Reading Month 2011

The Techie Kids have begun talking about Book Recommendations.


Each year, we look for quality texts at home, at school, and online. When we find something fabulous, we want to tell others about it! We found some wonderful resources a few years ago from Mrs. Newingham  We use her Genre Study Posters and Peer Book Recommendation Forms.






Please leave a comment to share your book recommendations with us.


If you are looking for a book to review, here are some websites to visit that have online stories to read or listen to:




You might be interested in reading some of the fairytales.


Learn English Kids- Short Stories



Mighty Book- Story Books   



Also found on Mighty Book…

Beatrix Potter Stories


Fables and Nursery Rhymes


Thanks to Mrs. Morris & Miss Jordan for posting the links to these websites!




Thank you to Ms. Vivian for sharing this link!



Children’s Library




And now for a few Techie Kids Favorites!

Storyline Online


(This is always a top click.)


Signed Stories




Magic Keys  




Robert Munsch  


(I think this wonderful author website was shared with us last year by Mrs. Watson, thanks!)



Story Cove












One More Story- Pete’s a Pizza




 Silly Books








Reading Is Fundamental




What book are you reading right now and how do you feel about it?


Can you share with us a fabulous book that you’ve read recently and just what makes it so great?


If you had to pick your favorite genre, please tell us which you would choose and share an example.


Try out this Scholastic widget to find books, authors, and genres.


Author Scavenger Hunt


Hey everybody! Our third grade classes are working on an Author Scavenger Hunt. Check out some of the cool things we learned.

  • Its actually suprising that Dr. Seuss would be 106 years old! –Peyton
  • Dave Pilkey was actully a salesman when he was younger! ~Leah
  • Jeff Kinney was born on 1971 in Maryland and went to University in the 1990’s!~Alex
  • Diray of a wimpy kid was released on April 2007.~Ally
  • Dr.Seuss is relly his name but he is an unaffechle Doctor~Sabrina
  • Do you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Well if you do you should go and see the movie!!!!!!!! It comes out on March 19, 2010. It looks really good!!!!-Haley
  • The Pigeons birthday is on April fools day.Austin
  • Did you know J.K  Rowling is a girl? Andria

Cool Huh?

Fabulous Author Websites

Today our 4th graders are visiting fabulous author websites! After checking a few out, they will let us know what they think and pick which author has the coolest site. Here are a couple of links they will be viewing…

Jeff Kinney’s

J.K. Rowling at

Rick Riordan’s 

Dav Pilkey at 



Please let us know what your favorite is.