Meet the Techie Kids

Challenge Week 1

We have joined the Student Blogging Challenge . We are very excited to see what we will learn.

2014 Student Blogging Challenge

Please see our “About Us” page. We will continue to share updated information as we learn from our new blogging buddies.

Here is a video created by our state’s tourism department sharing some activities that we love during our current season of winter.





I was planning to ask everyone in class which winter fun activities they have done this season. Unfortunately, we’ve had another 2 “snow days” this week for inclement weather conditions. That makes 11 snow days this year. Since we aren’t together in class today, I’ll post this poll and you can tell me from home.


Here are some questions for our blogging buddies.

Do you have snow where you live?

Please tell us about your weather.


Blog Buddies

I am learning about blogging and so are you. Today we are going to post comments to some of our Blogging Buddies sites.

 Mr. Alvaro’s 5th graders at The Skinny are Learning Something Every Day

Stop over at The Wocket Spot to visit 4th graders in New Zealand. I thought you might be interested in some fabulous tessellations!

Try visiting Miss Jordan’s 2KJ blog and listen to a VoiceThread about their Paperless Earth Day.

After you comment, please keep investigating and let the rest of us know about all the cool things you find!