MACUL 2011

The Techie Kids presented our Fall Skype Party at the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) 2011 Technology Conference.


Derek, Jessica, Madison, and Noah shared all about the many things they learned with their blogging buddies in Australia. They were “Teaching the Teachers!!”

4,000 educators from the Michigan area attended the conference to gather ideas and learn about new ways to make learning experiences meaningful for our students. Our student presenters did an incredible job speaking with adults and sharing their excitement about learning. They also demonstrated their photography skills to share some pictures with all of you.

Well done!


I’d also like to welcome all of the teachers and students that we met at the showcase who are visiting our blog from other schools! Please feel free to leave us a comment and see how much fun blogging can be. 🙂 You can also email me if you’d like.

Additionally, I’d like to thank the wonderful families that brought their children to the conference and have supported us in our adventures! You are awesome!


Here is the BookQuest that we shared at the Student Technology Showcase.


View more presentations from Mrs. Moore


Do you have any questions to ask our four, fabulous, student presenters?



What was your favorite part of working with our blog buddies in Australia?



What kinds of exciting activities do you think we should try in the future?



March is Reading Month 2011

The Techie Kids have begun talking about Book Recommendations.


Each year, we look for quality texts at home, at school, and online. When we find something fabulous, we want to tell others about it! We found some wonderful resources a few years ago from Mrs. Newingham  We use her Genre Study Posters and Peer Book Recommendation Forms.






Please leave a comment to share your book recommendations with us.


If you are looking for a book to review, here are some websites to visit that have online stories to read or listen to:




You might be interested in reading some of the fairytales.


Learn English Kids- Short Stories



Mighty Book- Story Books   



Also found on Mighty Book…

Beatrix Potter Stories


Fables and Nursery Rhymes


Thanks to Mrs. Morris & Miss Jordan for posting the links to these websites!




Thank you to Ms. Vivian for sharing this link!



Children’s Library




And now for a few Techie Kids Favorites!

Storyline Online


(This is always a top click.)


Signed Stories




Magic Keys  




Robert Munsch  


(I think this wonderful author website was shared with us last year by Mrs. Watson, thanks!)



Story Cove












One More Story- Pete’s a Pizza




 Silly Books








Reading Is Fundamental




What book are you reading right now and how do you feel about it?


Can you share with us a fabulous book that you’ve read recently and just what makes it so great?


If you had to pick your favorite genre, please tell us which you would choose and share an example.


Try out this Scholastic widget to find books, authors, and genres.


Sunshine and Seasons

As part of our fall BookQuest, our weather forecast group investigated the reason that we have seasons. We read books to find our answer. One book did an especially good job of helping us understand. We decided to conduct the experiment found in the book, Sunshine Makes the Seasons by Franklyn M. Branley, illustrated by Michael Rex. The experiment was recorded on video so that we could share it with you. The hard working students behind this project are Johnathon, Cody, Greg, Paige, Logan, Blake, Colton, and Robby. Click on the link below to view our investigation.  We hope this video will help you get a better understanding of why the seasons are different around the world.


Sunshine Makes the Seasons




What did you think of our video?



Did you learn anything new?



Destiny Card Catalog

This past week, our 2nd-5th grade students were learning about the Destiny Card Catalog system here at school. We would like to say a special thanks to Ms. Pochmara for teaching us some cool searching strategies! We had so much fun locating books that we didn’t even know our library had. Destiny allows students to do a basic, advanced, visual, and category search. These different ways to search were very interesting and encouraged us to find texts we haven’t read before!




 Use our WallWisher to let us know your favorite genre and book or book series.


Do you have a way to search for books in your schools’ library?


What is your favorite method of searching for library books?


Can you share a unique book that you have read or found in Destiny?


What do you know about the Dewey Decimal System?



Book Review With Abby and Nicole


Hey it’s Abby and Nicole! We want to tell you about a book we have read! The book is called Adopted by an Owl! It is a true story about an owl named Jackson! Jackson (as a baby) gets stolen out of his nest. A man named  Chris, with a licence, comes to take care of him! One last detail they set him free at the end but… can’t tell you the rest so check it out! 🙂


Green Eggs and Ham Retellings

We love Green Eggs and Ham! Our Kindergarten classes listened to the story and practiced their retelling skills. We talked about beginning, middle, and end. The children used Kid Pix 4 to illustrate their retelling with drawing tools or stamps. Then they showed us their Kindergarten writing by making text to go along with their pictures. We hope you enjoy our projects!


View more presentations from Mrs. Moore.

March Book Total

As you should know, our March Reading Book goal was 7,500 books. If we beat our goal, we would go to see Oceans! Guess what?! We beat our goal! We got 7,783 books! More books are to be added later on. We are going to go see Oceans in the end of April. Amazing job, Sharks!! I thought we wouldn’t reach our goal. I’m proud! Remember, you don’t only have to read in March. You should read year round. Don’t forget to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge! – Kayla        Bye and keep reading!! 🙂

Child w Books