You’re Invited!

Please accept our invitation to help us learn globally!

The third grade classes are going on a BookQuest. If you’ve ever heard of a WebQuest, this works the same way with the adjustment of websites being replaced with books. The purpose of this project is to focus on the seasonal changes of fall in Michigan and then compare them to our Blog Buddies in Australia. At the end of our research, we will celebrate with a fall party! Here is the video invitation to the party that we made for Miss Jordan and 2KJ. We hope you like it!


Please join us as we learn about the fall season and make comparisons to other areas around the world.


Fall Party Invitation from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


What season is it where you live?


What kind of animals can you find in your area?


Tell me about a time that you went to a party.



Special thanks to Dr. Anne Tapp of Saginaw Valley State University for creating the BookQuest concept!!