Tour the White House

This is a student post by Liam and Noah.

We have been learning about how to do screencasts and how to use Google Maps. We can go to different places throughout the world without leaving our school. So we want to share this video so you can take a tour of the White House.

We hope it inspires you to take many more tours of the world.



Have you ever made a screencast before?


Have you ever used Google Maps?


What is your favorite place in the world?

Shark Bites With Abby

Hey, Hey it’s Abby! I want to tell you all about the new movie were going to see, Oceans! Now you will see amazing images of animals and you will learn about them! This movie is a Disney movie which means it has something to do with Friends For Change!  Friends for Change is all about making a diffrence in the world! You can participate in Friends For Change by going to! Together we can make a diffrence! I can’t wait to see the movie! 🙂


Clown Fish

Image by Kenneth G. Ransom from

Field Trips of the Year

Tomorrow, the 5th grade are going to have a virtual Field Trip. “On television.” On May 3rd we are going to a camp for 12 hours. That following day we are going the middle school south for a tour. Well any way in May the band students are having a bandaramma that means it is a huge concert for them. On the last full day of school we are graduating at the Aquatic Center. That is all of our Field Trips for the end of the Year.

By, Dax and Aaron