Figurative language is fun. We love to find similes and metaphors as we read and use them as we write. Lately, we’ve been having fun with idioms.

She spilled the beans.

You’re pulling my leg.

Step up to the plate.

He let the cat out of the bag.

Idioms are phrases that have a different meaning than the literal meanings of each word by itself.

Listen to this fun song that helped us understand more about idioms.

Share your favorite idiom with us.


Typo Tweet Tuesday

Typo Tweet Tuesday 


You’ve done so well with your daily language practice this year! However, I found some celebrities who would benefit from your editing skills. Please read these “tweets” and correct their “typos.” I’m sure they’ll appreciate your support!


 Taylor Swift & Shaq


What errors do you find in your own writing?

Think of  a spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistake. What should other students remember to make sure they don’t make the same error?

Punctuation Practice

I am so happy to see many of you have accepted the February Blogging Challenge! I love to hear stories and find out information that I didn’t know before. Many of you have asked for some new games to try. Here are a couple that I think are fun, but might also help us with improving our commenting skills.


Punctuation Paintball

punctuation pics


Roy the Zebra Capital Letters Game

punctuation pics 2


Edit Dan’s Copy



Power Proofreading



Wall of Words



Grammar Games



Please remember to visit our Blogging Buddies to learn new information from them. Remember, I am looking for the most unique fact that you can find posted on one of our friends’ blogs. We will vote on the most interesting facts at the end of the month and that super-fact-finder will win a prize. So keep investigating!


How do you make sure that your work is the best it can be?


What strategy do you use to edit your comments before you submit them?