Shark Bites With Abby

Hey, Hey it’s Abby! I want to tell you all about the new movie were going to see, Oceans! Now you will see amazing images of animals and you will learn about them! This movie is a Disney movie which means it has something to do with Friends For Change!  Friends for Change is all about making a diffrence in the world! You can participate in Friends For Change by going to! Together we can make a diffrence! I can’t wait to see the movie! 🙂


Clown Fish

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March Book Total

As you should know, our March Reading Book goal was 7,500 books. If we beat our goal, we would go to see Oceans! Guess what?! We beat our goal! We got 7,783 books! More books are to be added later on. We are going to go see Oceans in the end of April. Amazing job, Sharks!! I thought we wouldn’t reach our goal. I’m proud! Remember, you don’t only have to read in March. You should read year round. Don’t forget to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge! – Kayla        Bye and keep reading!! 🙂

Child w Books

Sharks Book Fair

Hey it’s Abby and Gabby!!!!! A lot of good books are here! There is  a new Magic Tree House Book its called Lepracuans in Late Winter!!  By the way there is a great book I read (Abby) its called Every Soul a Star. It’s about three kids all go to a camp and watch a solar eclipse mean while meet some new friends! I (Gabby) read a book at the book fair called Chewy and Chica , the series is Puppy Place .It is about two dogs that go to the shelter and Lizzie and Charles compete to see who finds a home for each puppy first.


Book Recommendations

Well, it’s that time again. Time to celebrate reading! In addition to the texts we usually read, we will also explore some websites that offer online books. These sites have a variety of formats with pictures and text, as well as audio and video. Try a couple out and let us know what you think.

Frank Asch Animated Books

Beantime Stories

Between the Lions

Book Pals


Magic Keys

Reading Planet

Please leave a comment to let us know about a story you enjoyed. If you have a favorite site that’s not listed here, post a comment so we can check it out, too!

Fabulous Author Websites

Today our 4th graders are visiting fabulous author websites! After checking a few out, they will let us know what they think and pick which author has the coolest site. Here are a couple of links they will be viewing…

Jeff Kinney’s

J.K. Rowling at

Rick Riordan’s 

Dav Pilkey at 



Please let us know what your favorite is.

March Is Reading Month!

Hi! Danica here!

Ok, as you all know, it is MARCH! And March means that this month is Reading Month! Here at Sugarbush, we do March is Reading Month. our goal this year is to read 7,500 books. On March 2nd, we had an assembly were one of our 1st grade teachers, Mrs. Strackbein, read ‘The Cat in the Hat” a book by Dr. Seuss. And also, our 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Kitakis, said, that is we do read 7,500 books, we will go to the movie theatre and see the movie “Oceans”. So, All of Sugarbush, if you all want to accomplish our goal, than GET TO THE BOOKS!!!!!

Go Reading!