How To Reduce Before Multiplying Fractions

This is a student post by Jenelle and Elaina.

We learned about the new app, Educreations. It lets you make a screencast while you draw on the screen. We want to show you how to reduce fractions before multiplying. We think this is a good strategy to use.

We hope you enjoy learning how to reduce before you multiply fractions!


Have you used Educreations or made a screencast before?

What would you make a screencast about?

Scavenger Hunt

This is a student post created by Dominic.

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt!

In this game, players will use Google Maps to look for architecture and answer questions.


1. Open a new window or tab. (browser)
2. Go to
3. In the Search bar, type in the first location. (Example: Big Ben, United Kingdom)
4. Drag the yellow man on the right side onto Big Ben.
5. Look through the pictures and answer the question. (Example: Estimate the height of Big Ben)
6. Put your answers in the comments below.

Good Luck!

Find these Locations:

1. Location: Paris, France
Detail: Eiffel Tower
Question: Estimate the Height of the Tower.

2. Location: Rio De Janiero, Brazil
Detail: Christ The Redeemer (look toward the city)
Question: Estimate how many people live in the city.

3. Location: Rome, Italy
Detail: Colosseum
Question: Estimate how many arches are in the Colosseum.


Remember, leave your answers in the comments section below.


What did you think of this scavenger hunt?

Would you like to play this game again?


Do you have any suggestions for new locations?



Website Recommendation: Cool Math Games

This is a student post written by Elaina and Jenelle.


The website, Cool Math Games, has educational games. In one of the games for example, BLOXORZ, the goal is to get a rectangular shape into a hole. It gets very difficult at times, but it teaches you problem solving skills. I would definitely recommend this for everyone.



Another game is Math Man. You are playing Pac Man, and you have to eat a question mark. The question mark then gives you a math problem to solve. You have to eat the ghost that has the right answer. This game helps you to improve your math skills. I would also recommend this game.


Have you played BLOXORZ or Math Man before? What did you think?

What are some of your favorite Math games?

How-To Videos: Math

Here are a few more of our class’ first How-To Videos. There are many things we have learned through the making of these videos. We hope to build on these skills and make improvements.

The Distributive Property

Adding Fractions



Our music was remixed using the awesome website, UJAM!

Watch for us to share more about this great website in the future.


What strategies do you use when preparing to make a movie?

Do you have suggestions for how we can improve our videos?

How-To Videos

Our classes are talking about making “How-To” videos.

How-To Videos would give step by step directions for how to complete a task. The younger Techie Kids are thinking about time order words such as First, Next, and Last. They are also practicing following directions.

The older Techie Kids are considering storyboarding and how to create videos using tools like Photo Story 3 and Windows Movie Maker. Both of these tools are Free.

Here are our first 2 attempts at making a plan and filming our idea.

Our first video features Lauren as she shows us how-to draw a cartoon panda.


Next, we would like to share how-to find the area of a right triangle.


We are hoping to share more how-to videos soon. Thanks for watching!


What other how-to videos should we create next?

What tips or strategies could you share with us about making a quality video?

Do you have any storyboarding websites that you would recommend?

What how-to videos have you created?