How to Travel on Google Earth

This is a student post by Mikayla and Amy.



We learned a lot of new skills in Technology class this year.

In this project, we learned how to use Movie Maker and Photo Story 3. We learned how to go on Google Earth and travel to faraway places while staying in our classroom. We learned how to take screenshots and use them in our presentations. We learned how to make music on and Photo Story 3. We recorded our voices and learned how to put it in our movie.

We also learned how to type in step by step directions for you! Enjoy our tutorial of how to travel on Google Earth.


How To Use Google Earth from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


Have you made a movie before?


Where in the world would you like to visit?



How-To Videos

Our classes are talking about making “How-To” videos.

How-To Videos would give step by step directions for how to complete a task. The younger Techie Kids are thinking about time order words such as First, Next, and Last. They are also practicing following directions.

The older Techie Kids are considering storyboarding and how to create videos using tools like Photo Story 3 and Windows Movie Maker. Both of these tools are Free.

Here are our first 2 attempts at making a plan and filming our idea.

Our first video features Lauren as she shows us how-to draw a cartoon panda.


Next, we would like to share how-to find the area of a right triangle.


We are hoping to share more how-to videos soon. Thanks for watching!


What other how-to videos should we create next?

What tips or strategies could you share with us about making a quality video?

Do you have any storyboarding websites that you would recommend?

What how-to videos have you created?