How to Travel on Google Earth

This is a student post by Mikayla and Amy.



We learned a lot of new skills in Technology class this year.

In this project, we learned how to use Movie Maker and Photo Story 3. We learned how to go on Google Earth and travel to faraway places while staying in our classroom. We learned how to take screenshots and use them in our presentations. We learned how to make music on and Photo Story 3. We recorded our voices and learned how to put it in our movie.

We also learned how to type in step by step directions for you! Enjoy our tutorial of how to travel on Google Earth.


How To Use Google Earth from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


Have you made a movie before?


Where in the world would you like to visit?



If You Give A Monkey A Pineapple…

If you give the Techie Kids inspiration, chances are they’ll create something amazing! That’s just what we’ve been doing. Inspired by Laura Numeroff’s If You Give A Mouse A Cookie series, we decided to create our own version.

This story is a collaboration between our Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third grade classes.

Here is our First Edition Publication of, 



Have you ever written a book before?

If you were to create another book in this series, what would it be called?

Little Poets



The Kindergarteners have learned so much this year! It is wonderful to see how they’ve grown.




Mrs. Gaedcke is one of the fantastic Kindergarten teachers in our building. Her class has been reading poetry all year. They also focused on writing poetry. The book, Kids’ Poems Teaching Kindergarteners to Love Writing Poetry by Regie Routman, served as a good resource. Mrs. Gaedcke shared Kindergarten writing examples from this text as an introduction for her students. Then the children tried out their poetry ideas on their own writing.


Mrs. Gaedcke had a great idea to share her students’ writing with their families in a nice, published manner. So, each child selected their favorite poem from their portfolio to share with you. The class poems were turned into a Photo Story. Each student practiced reading their own poem aloud to develop their fluency. Then the children recorded their voices along with their writing so you can hear the poem straight from the authors themselves.


Please leave a message to encourage our little poets and show them that their writing can reach many people.


Little Poets

CLICK HERE to view Mrs. Gaedcke’s Class, Poetry Photo Story


Little Poets from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


What do you think about the Kindergarteners first published poems?


Sight Words & Color Words

There are many ways that technology can be used to support what we are learning. Here’s one idea made especially for our Kindergarteners.


Click on the link below to watch our Photo Story and practice your sight words.


Kindergarten Sight Words 1



Special thanks to Aspen, Carlie Jo, Gavin, and Josh. You did a great job with your speaking skills!


Stay tuned for more sight words to practice…


Click on the link below to watch our Photo Story and practice your color words.


Color Words



Special thanks to Allen, Casey, Faith, Jacob, Nicholas, Rylie, and Samantha. You did a great job helping us with our colors!


What is your favorite way to practice something you learn in school?



Kindergarten First Weather Forecast

The Spring is known for wacky weather, but I don’t know if we are prepared for this. Listen to our future meteorologists forecasting their weather predictions.

Alana_Laufle       Jacob_Van_hulle

Click on the link for each of the classes below to view their Photo Stories. Make sure your volume is turned on. These projects were adapted from the story Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs by Judith Barrett.


Mrs. Laufle’s Forecast


Mrs. VanHulle’s Predictions


Mrs. Walquist’s Weather Report


Mrs. Latosz’s Meteorologists


Just remember, you heard it here first.

Green Eggs & Ham Retellings

The Kindergarten classes have worked very hard on their retellings. They have practiced beginning, middle, and end. The students also talked about details of a story. Take a look at their written retellings complete with pictures. Listen as they each narrate their project.


Audrey Nathan_Green_Eggs Allsion



Dosenberger Retellings