The Red Panda

Hello Sugarbush Sharks!

This is your student council representatives Everhett and Jed.

As you all know the Red Panda has just been adopted by our school. That means that we are helping this small mammal recover from endangerment. Here are some facts about this fascinating animal

  • It lives in Nepal to West China, India, Bhutan, and Nothern Myanmer
  • It is found in mostly temperate forests
  • It has reddish-brown fur
  • It eats mainly bamboo, eggs, birds, insects, and other small mammals
  • It is active from dawn until dusk
  • It is like a mix of a bear and a raccoon
  • It is a little bigger than a domestic cat
  • There is about 11,000-20,000 in the wild

Thank you for reading!