Fall in Michigan

Our BookQuest continues as we investigate the beautiful FALL season. We would like to share with you some of our pictures of what fall looks like in Michigan, USA. Many of these pictures were taken by our 3rd grade student photographers. You can see the changes that happen to our plants during this time of year. You may also notice the clothing that is being worn to get an idea of our current temperatures. 


 Our student photographers are Cameron, Kayla, Trisha, Bryce, Noah, William, Jenna, and Evelina. They learned the proper way to use a digital camera and how to download the images to the computer. These photographers did a fabulous job with the photos!


Fall Fun on PhotoPeach





I would also like to share with you the slideshow that Miss Jordan created for 2KJ’s blog. It is about their current season of spring. Please watch and read their presentation. Then make some connections by comparing and contrasting the images from our slideshows.



spring in australia


Can you share with us something new that you learned from these presentations?


What do these pictures look like compared to where you live?


What are some of the activities you like to do in the fall?