Let It Go! Don’t Stress on the Test

Are you feeling anxiety over state testing? Don’t Stress on the Test, just Let It Go!

Let It Go

We began our state, M-STEP, testing this week. Our class is doing a great job trying to show the best of what they’ve learned. Since they’ve been working so hard, I wanted to make a fun parody video to make our students smile and encourage them. Inspired by my students and my own little “Elsa” and “Anna” at home, here is what we came up with.
(The cutie little dancers you’ll see are my two punkins!)

Let It Go ~ Don't Stress on the Test from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.



Figurative language is fun. We love to find similes and metaphors as we read and use them as we write. Lately, we’ve been having fun with idioms.

She spilled the beans.

You’re pulling my leg.

Step up to the plate.

He let the cat out of the bag.

Idioms are phrases that have a different meaning than the literal meanings of each word by itself.

Listen to this fun song that helped us understand more about idioms.

Share your favorite idiom with us.


The Plant Song


Another one of our special projects over the past 2 months has been writing songs to familiar tunes. We were inspired by Mrs. McKenzie’s B4 Class when they posted songs to help them with their Daily 5 program. Check for Understanding, The Cross-Checking Song, and Back Up and Re-Read It. Click on each title to hear their songs.

Our goal is to put lessons we are learning in class to music. Many of us found out that music can help us remember important words or ideas. The second grade Techie Kids learned about the parts of plants and how they grow. We wrote the words that were most important and set them to music. We hope you enjoy listening and learning with us!


Here are the lyrics we sang:



Have you ever written a song?

Can you share a song with us that has helped you remember something you learned in school?