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This week, the fourth and fifth graders participated in the first ever,

Reading Super Bowl!

Mrs. Yax, Mr. Bohon, and Mrs. Kreller & Mrs. Moore’s classes all competed to see which grade level could score the most points by reading. For every 10 pages read, the students scored a six-point Touchdown. Every 10 pages read at home required a parent/grandparent signature. Each student scored an extra point for their team by returning their Tuesday reading homework with a signature on Wednesday. The winning team got a popcorn reward.

Congratulations to the 4th graders for winning the Reading Super Bowl!

scoreboard flattened

 With an astonishing 895 Touchdowns, the 4th grade secured their victory!

Well done, 4th graders!


Both teams had a fun bonus activity and we wore football jerseys and sports shirts, too.


Super Bowl Collage




Make a paper football with us!

Mr. Bohon’s class recorded their own Super Bowl commercials.

Super Bowl Commercials from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

This week, we were all cheering, “Touchdown!”

Winter Olympics Update

Our class has been very excited about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. We have read about the athletes and events, while watching the medal count rise. Since we practice our reading skills like comprehension and fluency, along with informational text, we thought this would be a perfect way to share our learning with you.

 Winter Olympics Update

We found this fabulous little app called, Tellagami. It is free and allowed us to make an avatar while recording our voices. Please listen in and enjoy this Winter Olympics update!

Winter Olympics Update from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

Please tell us what you think about our video.

Can you recommend any other quality apps for us to try?

Skyping with 2KJ in Australia!

We Skyped with Miss Jordan and 2KJ in Victoria, Australia!

2KJ has been helping us learn about the seasons all around the world. It is spring in Australia while it is fall here in the U.S.A. The third grade classes celebrated all their hard work on the BookQuest with a fall party. Since 2KJ has done such a wonderful job helping us learn, we thought it would be a great idea to invite them to our party. 2KJ and 2KM joined us LIVE on Skype. It was the first time that any of these Techie Kids have used Skype. They were so happy they could see and hear our buddies in Australia while they talked with us. Thank you to our special friends who made this party such a memorable experience!


We learned some super-cool facts about life in Australia.


Our party was at 5:30pm on Monday night, but for 2KJ, it was 9:30am on Tuesday morning!

Australia’s total population is around 21,000,000 people.

The students at Leopold Primary School wear uniforms and we do not.

It does not snow where 2KJ lives in Victoria.

We say that we “root” for a team. In Australia, they “barrack” for a team.

The Ashes Cricket tournament takes place in Australia during the summer.

They enjoy watching the Melbourne Cup and Geelong Cup horse races and participate by having “sweeps.” This is when the names of the horses are put in a hat and they pull out a name to find out what horse they want to win. They get a prize if their horse comes in first!

They like to eat vegetables, fruit, and Vegemite.

The students especially enjoyed hearing that Miss Jordan was able to look out the window at her family’s house in the country and see kangaroos.  We thought that would be awesome!!


Thanks for teaching us so much about your country!



Image by Clement, Melissa. dsc_0297.jpg. 2009. Pics4Learning. 24 Nov 2010


Our photographers went right to work to help us remember our party. Cameron, Kayla, Trisha, Bryce, Noah, William, Jenna, and Evelina were busy taking pictures of all the fun. Enjoy the slideshows!



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What was your favorite part about skyping with 2KJ?


What are some similarities or differences between our class and 2KJ?


Why do you think Skype is a good idea to use in schools?



Sports Are Amazing!

Hey, this is Kassidy and Jessie here!

What is your favorite sport and why?

Our favorite sport is soccer because it’s fun, you get to hang with your friends, and it’s fun to kick the ball around. Also you get to score goals and have a great time.  It’s athletic and it’s a great time to be outside and get moving.  So we would like to know what’s your favorite sport and why?

Have a great weekend and summer. Talk to you guys soon!

Your pals,

Kassidy and Jessie  🙂


Image by Kolk, Melinda. soccerball.jpg. Aug-00. Pics4Learning. 8 Jun 2010 <>

Michigan VS Michigan State 3

Techie Kids Pics 001

Hey it’s the JJ Duo here again and I just have to say I’m so glad that college basket ball is over, so we can get closer and closer to the new season and see how Michigan State’s going to mess up again.  This time Michigan is going to be there with state in the finals . When state messes up their going to get bumped. Finally states ego caught up with them and it’s going to eat at them the rest of the off season. There going to have to share the spotlight with a team who was better than them the whole time and just didn’t show it. I’m going to add, Michigan love em or hate em, there here and here to stay. I prefer to love em. I just thought WE’D have a quick talk with our auideance. keep commenting we need our fans. Michigan and Michigan State . See you for part 4.



Hey everyone! It’s me Abby (again)! I want to ask you guys about sports! Now I play soccer and I love it! Now I know there is a lot of sports out there,but I don’t know much about them. So I thought you guys could leave a comment telling me what sport you play and what is your favorite part of it! That way I will know a little more about the game! Thank-you!!! 🙂



Image by Barnstable, Janet. playsoccer.jpg. “Spring, 2001”. Pics4Learning. 24 Apr 2010 <>

Celtics VS Lakers

Hey it’s the JJ Duo, and  for the first time were hitting your thoughts on the NBA in some opinions the greatest rivalry ever! Celtics and Lakers. Now in my opinion and many more the Lakers hands down are going to sweep the competition and win for the second year in a row and the one starter and star who’s going to lead them there is the one and only Kobe Bryant. I mean he is the greatest game saver in the world I think he is going to be the only star to win three champioships in a row since Micheal “Air” Jordan. Really I don’t think that LeBron James has what it takes to live up to Jordan’s number. I don’t think it’s going to happen I don’t but, Kobe has what it takes he has Jordan’s if you gaurd me i’m just going to move around you somehow method. Nobody really has been able to do things the way these two basketball heros have . I think were done. JJ Duo signing out and be sure to comment on who you like most or who you think is going to win. See you for part 2.


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